President’s Message / Building Up to a New Landmark in Science

Posted on Apr 20, 2014 by Education

When it’s your business to construct 145,000-square-foot buildings, even when winter is doing its worst to impede you, your space heaters are big.

How big? Imagine ripping the engine from a fighter jet. Then imagine dragging that engine indoors and lighting it up, so that as it roars to life it blasts enough blue flame and heat to toast marshmallows at about 20 feet. Now you have some idea what it takes to keep a job site reasonably comfortable when it’s 12 below zero outside. Over the past winter, one of the most daunting for even long-time Wisconsinites, our partners at Miron Construction Co. used a lot of these fiery beasts to keep the emerging Gehl-Mulva Science Center on track.

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