School district reviews proposed site plans

Posted on Aug 25, 2022 by Education

The school district of Osceola continued discussions about aligning and developing facilities to best meet educational, safety and security goals.

In the next few years, the district is taking into consideration that significant investment will be needed at Osceola Elementary School.

Throughout the summer, the Board has engaged in ongoing discussions to determine whether the district should update or replace the elementary school building, the costs associated with these projects and how to best inform, engage and educate the public.

As a part of those discussions, representatives from Bray Architects, Miron Construction and RW Baird attended the August meeting to review proposed site plan options for the elementary school. Clint Selle attended on behalf of Bray Architect, David Keating was in attendance on behalf of Miron Construction and Lisa Volsin was there as a consultant with RW Baird.

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