Deloitte honors Miron Construction with Distinguished Performer Award

Posted on Sep 24, 2015 by Awards

Miron Construction Co., Inc. was recently selected to receive a Distinguished Performer Award in the People category as part of Deloitte’s 2015 Wisconsin 75 awards program, which celebrates the largest privately held businesses headquartered in the State of Wisconsin. The Deloitte Wisconsin 75 recognizes more than just revenue—the program highlights contributions to the communities in which the businesses are located, the people who build the businesses, and the overall Wisconsin economy of which they are a part, and has been doing so since 2003.  

The Distinguished Performer Awards are a distinct award category of the Wisconsin 75 that provides organizations with the opportunity to showcase top business practices and achievements. The People award acknowledges a company’s commitment to its employees by encouraging empowerment and providing training assistance.

Miron is being specifically honored for its unique employee-centric programs, which include professional development opportunities, educational/informational lunch ‘n learns on a wide variety of topics, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), multiple corporate and family events throughout the year, community involvement opportunities, on-site fitness center and health club membership subsidization as well as access to a corporate wellness coach, and finally the Miron Dream Project.

The Dream Project is a unique program that illustrates the company’s commitment to helping employees fulfill their personal dreams. Miron’s Dream Coach, in conjunction with its Dream Team, created and implemented a program that focuses on a holistic approach to personal development. Employees schedule one-on-one meetings with the Dream Coach to discuss their personal goals, aspirations, and dreams. They not only create action items, they explore the emotions behind the thoughts. The heart and head connect, allowing for sustained action and change. There is no judgment, and no dream is too big or too small. What’s important is how they are valued by the individual. Dreams can be short- or long-term, but must be personal, rather than professional, in nature. Dreams may be as diverse as a desire to run a marathon, pay off credit card debt, write a book, or discover one’s life purpose. Dream projects are only limited by the achiever’s imagination. Thus far, 62 employees have utilized the program since its inception in 2014.

“We are extremely honored to be receiving this award, especially since it confirms the importance of the company culture we’ve worked so hard to create,” said David G. Voss, Jr., president & CEO of Miron Construction Co., Inc. “As Miron has grown, we’ve worked hard to maintain our family atmosphere, and families take care of each other. In our industry, like many others, we’re only as successful as the relationships we cultivate. We understand that in order for our employees to take phenomenal care of our clients, we need to take amazing care of them, and the rest just falls into place. Our employees truly are our greatest asset and we want to ensure they feel fulfilled in both their professional and personal lives. We definitely feel the Dream Project and our other employee-focused programs help differentiate our company in a marketplace where attracting and retaining top talent is becoming harder and harder to do.”

Representatives from Miron Construction will be presented with the award at the 2015 Wisconsin 75 Recognition Breakfast, which will be held on October 6, 2015, at Pier Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

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