Five Miron Construction employees recognized with 2022 Daily Reporter Newsmakers of the Year awards

Posted on Sep 12, 2022 by Awards

Five Miron Construction Co., Inc. employees have been named Newsmakers of the Year by The Daily Reporter. The Daily Reporter annually recognizes people, companies, or organizations that led Wisconsin’s construction and design industry in a positive direction as Newsmakers of Year. Below are excerpts from each award submission.

Communicator of the Year – Sara Montonati, PR Specialist
Sara Montonati is caring, passionate, diligent, uplifting, and a communicator to the core. During her time at Miron, she has elevated its internal and external communications. She knows how critical it is, especially in today’s world, to be transparent with corporate communications and to keep employees in the know. She ensures Miron’s projects and community involvement endeavors are aptly publicized and communicated to the world at large. She has worked on Miron’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives since 2020; she has a genuine desire to create lasting, impactful change, and a vested interest in making Miron the most inclusive and equitable organization it can be.
Estimator of the Year – Dylan Lienhardt, Conceptual Estimating Manager
During his tenure at Miron, Dylan Lienhardt has quickly established himself as the perfect balance of teacher, mentor, and friend who leads by example. At his core, he truly cares about the individuals on his team and working out the best solutions for our clients. He has an innate ability to connect with people within the organization and is able to identify the right people for the job and bring them together at the right time. Dylan’s open communication style and dedication to the details of his projects is evident when he goes through budgets with the team and clients; they all know they are in good hands with him.
Executive of the Year – Jason Rieth, Vice President, Energy & Environmental
Jason Rieth has the rare ability to take a project through the entire process, from pursuit to completion. From an eagle’s eye view of the market as he pursues new opportunities, to boots on the ground running projects as a project executive, to procuring equipment and all the way through the commissioning process, he is flexible and willing to perform any tasks necessary for the team to be successful. Jason is incredibly intelligent with the unique ability to communicate at every level. His drive to continue researching and learning is one of his most admirable qualities; it allows him to provide significant value to the company as well as the clients he serves.
Senior Project Manager of the Year – Jessica Ebertsch, Senior Project Manager
The best word to describe Jessica Ebertsch, professionally and personally, is passionate. She cares deeply about everything she does – whether it is pushing to keep a project on schedule, mentoring a new project manager or intern, or tackling a difficult situation head on. She is driven and in command of her project, holding all stakeholders accountable and to a high standard. This passion applies not only to her projects at the project sites but to the relationships she purposefully develops with the people on them. Jessica is not a project trailer dweller; she is out being the face of Miron. Her colleagues rave about her ability to quickly make friendships and build trust and rapport with Miron’s clients, subcontractors, and partners. Often, after owners work with Jessica, they don’t want to work with any other project manager or company moving forward.
Servant Leader of the Year – Dave Walsh, Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Dave Walsh personifies servant leadership; he understands that we are only as good as our people and that by helping individual team members to thrive, the entire team is elevated. He encourages people to follow their passions, to dig deep in the face of adversity, and to ask for help when they need it. One of Dave’s greatest attributes is his ability to shine the light on those around him. Even though he is so deserving of it, he never seeks accolades for himself. Dave is also an extremely consistent and even-keeled individual, and has an innate ability to read people and is vigilant about keeping an eye out for burnout. Miron sets high expectations for its employees, but he understands that in order for them to be successful in all aspects of their lives, they need to feel cared for.
To see the full list of recipients, click here. Winners will be honored at the Newsmakers of the Year event on Oct. 12.

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