Miron Construction honored with 2011 Corporate Citizen Award

Posted on Oct 19, 2011 by Awards

Neenah, Wis. – Miron Construction Co., Inc. was recently honored with a 2011 Corporate Citizenship Award, as presented by Corporate Report Wisconsin magazine and Edgewood College. The award recognizes Miron for coupling their strong environmental ethic with their commitment to employee engagement, creating a model that benefits the environment, local communities and employees’ personal pocketbooks.

Miron Construction was nominated by Cool Choices, a Wisconsin nonprofit that facilitates environmentally-sustainable actions that strengthen local economies, invigorate communities and preserve Wisconsin resources for future generations, by making sustainability fun, popular and easy.

Cool Choices nominated Miron for this award based on their outstanding efforts to engage employees in environmental sustainability. Over the past year, Miron’s employee-based voluntary Sustainability Action Team (MSAT) has worked with Cool Choices to create and implement a six-month, game-based competition that encourages Miron employees to make more well-informed sustainable choices in their personal lives. The game is part of Miron’s employee sustainability program, iChoose, which provides opportunities for employees to earn points by taking “steps” toward integrating habitual sustainable activities into their daily lives, “leaps” by accomplishing one-time activities, applying “focus” on more in-depth sustainable topics, and “innovating” their own sustainable actions. All of these activities contribute to personal development and the realization of the benefits of the triple bottom line: people, planet and payback.

In addition to providing individual prizes and incentives to help motivate employee participation in the game, Miron’s leadership committed to donating sustainability grants to local charities, as selected by the highest-scoring teams.

“Miron has been an ideal partner—responsive, open to innovation and committed to employee engagement,” stated Kathy Kuntz, executive director of Cool Choices. “We feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to become a part of the Miron family.”

Theresa Lehman, Miron’s director of sustainable services further explains, “We are very fortunate to have been selected by Cool Choices as one of two Wisconsin organizations to create a fun, game-based approach to engaging employees and helping them realize the benefits of the triple bottom line. For the last several years Miron has surveyed employees regarding their thoughts on sustainability, and although Miron is well-known and respected as a leader in the industry and community, our employees wanted to better understand how to integrate sustainability into their personal lives, and this was a perfect way to give them what they wanted.

The diverse team of Miron employees worked hard to create a fun, competitive, game-based approached that fit well within Miron’s unique culture. Certainly there were lessons we learned along the way, but ultimately it has been successful. Not only did the game create conversation at work, but it gave employees an opportunity to engage their families and friends as well. The stories, videos and photos posted on the iChoose website site are true testaments to the program’s success.”

Miron Construction Co., Inc., recently named Builder of the Year by The Daily Reporter, as part of the publication’s 2011 Newsmakers of the Year awards program, is a forward-thinking, fast-growing private company completing work throughout the nation. Headquartered in Neenah, Wis., with regional offices in Madison, Wausau and Milwaukee, Wis., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Negaunee, Mich., and Virginia, Minn., last year Miron posted revenue exceeding half a billion dollars. Miron is currently listed 94th among all general contractors in the United States and among the top 10 (the largest Wisconsin-based) construction companies serving the Midwest by Engineering News Record (based on revenue figures for 2010). Miron provides innovative pre-construction, construction management, design-build and general construction services. For more information, please visit miron-construction.com.

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