Why I’m Competing in Tough Mudder Wisconsin

Posted on Aug 16, 2016 by Wellness

Everything about Tough Mudder implies strength, both physical and mental. Training for and competing on race day requires courage and determination. Even signing up takes guts –especially when it will be your first time participating in the event.

This year, Miron has a number of first-timers on its Tough Mudder team. We were curious about why a person would willingly sign up for such an intimidating challenge, so we asked Mudder newbies Tara Hernandez, Mary Cummings, and Craig Bieri to share their motivations.

Deciding to Compete in Tough Mudder Wisconsin

The decision to participate in this year’s Tough Mudder wasn’t actually a difficult one for the three first-timers; they were already looking for new challenges and workout motivations. “I needed a new training program to help me stay motivated and focused on my weight loss goals,” said Hernandez. “Brenda [Schanhofer, Miron’s Wellness Coordinator] made me do it,” joked Bieri, who went on to add that he wanted something to train for following his “rugby days.” Cummings had competed in sprint triathlons the past three summers, but decided she wanted to try something new this year. “It seemed like the perfect opportunity to train for something different and challenging while also getting to know my co-workers better in the process,” she said.

Training and Motivation

Hernandez, Cummings, and Bieri have all started training for race day. Each has his or her own workout regimen including traditional cardio and weight training as well as plyometric and high intensity interval training (HIIT) programs. Having to complete these workouts during the summer months has been tough, but keeping motivated hasn’t been too difficult. “I am motivated by my scale and the thought of not wanting to embarrass myself in front of co-workers,” said Hernandez.

Race Day Expectations

Tough Mudder isn’t necessarily the easiest race to prepare for. It can be hard to anticipate all of the obstacles participants are put up against, but knowing that they will be completing the course as a team has our first-timers excited for race day. “I have never done a team obstacle race and I think it will be fun to work through the challenges and obstacles together,” said Cummings. Bieri added that he is “looking forward to the team aspect of the race and encouraging and supporting the other Miron Mudders.”

In spite of the team approach, the three still have their reservations. “I am most nervous about the electric shock and ice water obstacles,” said Cummings. “I really don’t like the idea of running through live wires…or jumping into an ice bath.” Hernandez is concerned by Wisconsin’s random weather patterns and is worried it may be freezing on race day. Bieri said he’s nervous about the whole thing. “12ish-miles is a long way to run through the various obstacles. I was built for comfort, not for speed.”


Join us in wishing our Mudder newbies luck and stay tuned for more Mirun-ner stories as we continue to follow our Tough Mudder team to the finish line.

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