Connecting the Classroom to the Jobsite

Posted on May 10, 2016 by Education

While a great deal of education takes place within the walls of a school building, seeing real-world applications of these lessons builds upon that foundation and proves invaluable for students. This is particularly true of learning about the many facets of the construction industry.

Miron truly enjoys connecting the classroom to the project site, giving students the opportunity to see how their interests correlate with actual careers. What better way to learn about and become immersed in construction than to tour an active jobsite? Recently, a Wausau West High School civil engineering class did just that. They started with a visit to our Wausau office where they spent time with Tim Andrew, vice president, northern operations, and Dan Rector, carpenter foreman, and learned about various aspects of structural design from project executive Jason Rieth. In order to make the connection between these topics and their real-world applications, the class then toured the G.D. Jones Elementary School jobsite to see structural design in action.

This, of course, is not the sole example of Miron connecting the classroom with the jobsite. In Black River Falls, superintendent Rick Seeley led construction education and architectural design students on a tour of the Black River Falls Elementary School site. They were able to observe construction in progress, ranging from wall framing and painting to the installation of drywall, spray foam insulation, and ceramic tile. Students were particularly interested in how much glass and natural light were being introduced into the space, as well as how many workers and trades are involved in the construction process.

“It was a pleasure to see the interest the Black River Falls staff had in using this project as a teaching tool about the construction process,” said Seeley. “In the spirit of gathering the best qualified and motivated workers in our industry, I was happy to share our project with the students.”

Over in the job trailer at East Troy High School, superintendent Jay Kuhlman showed East Troy drafting students the various construction prints needed to construct a building. After explaining the purpose and importance of the drafting documents and answering questions, he took the students on a tour of the construction site so they could see first-hand how these documents are brought to life.

Bothwell Middle School students also toured the Staybridge Hotel jobsite recently. Peter Dupuis, Miron’s project manager who lead the tour, shared that “There’s a lot of opportunity for all these young men and women to join the construction trades and the construction management sector if that’s the way they want to go.” Check out a brief news clip about the tour here.

Sparking interest in construction early allows students to explore related coursework and determine their career goals, benefiting both students and the industry as a whole. Miron employees take great pride in talking to students about construction and playing even a small part in educating the next generation entering the workforce.

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