The Evolution of Customer Care

Posted on Apr 26, 2016 by Steve Tyink

So, I’m at Nordstrom Rack the other day in the shoe section. Over the intercom I hear a promotion about using a credit card to check-out anywhere…just find one of the team members in a green shirt and they will complete the transaction from anywhere in the store. Sure enough, I was able to checkout within two feet of where I pulled a pair of shoes off the rack.

Then I stopped at the Apple Store, same thing. A smiling face in an Apple red shirt checked me out within three feet of where I was viewing the iPod.

In both cases: bag dispensers were positioned discretely in the aisle, my card was swiped on hand-held ‘smart phone’ devices, and a receipt was conveniently e-mailed to me (and now they have my email address for future promotions). The clerks thanked me for shopping and I walked out of each store with my new-found treasures. As long as I had my bags, I was all set.

So let’s recap what happened.

No waiting in long lines or wondering who could answer my questions—the sales associates came to me. I shopped on my terms, by my rules, not theirs. And most importantly, I saved a ton of time.

So how can the healthcare industry learn from these industry leaders? Take a look at what is happening at this “clinic-of-the-future” in Minnesota.








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