Cool Choices Promotes Sustainability and Fun

Posted on Dec 12, 2018 by Sustainability

Employees at Miron Construction recently completed a friendly competition in the Cool Choices game. This year’s competition marked Miron’s third time participating in the program.

Cool Choices is a non-profit organization which aims to encourage people to make environmentally sustainable choices both at work and at home. Cool Choices partnered with New North, Inc. to promote the fall 2018 Cool Choices game to businesses in Northeast Wisconsin.

Participating businesses fielded 249 teams, involving more than 1,300 individual participants. Points were earned for cool choices made throughout the six-week competition — some actions earning more points than others. With sustainability at its core, game choices ranged from recycling items, to being more aware of energy and water consumption, to choosing to participate in activities that reduce a person’s carbon footprint.

Activities were tracked on a Cool Choices dashboard, providing real-time program data, allowing participants to see actions taken by others, adding an element of friendly competition, but also inspiring others to do more. By the end of the program, teams reported actions that will save more than $500,000 each year.

Miron had 138 active participants who logged choices representing $70,514 in annual savings. To top it off, Miron finished with three teams in the top five spots!

To see Miron’s cool choices in action, take a look at photos from the 2018 Cool Choices game.

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