Favorite Miron Moments of 2014

Posted on Dec 16, 2014 by Miron Construction

As 2014 comes to a close, we asked our employees to share some of their favorite Miron moments of 2014. We were astounded with the results and wanted to take this opportunity to share with the world what makes Miron so special. Enjoy!

Brandon Blank

Last spring, Miron and the Green Bay School District held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Leonardo Da Vinci School for the Gifted and Talented in Green Bay. They invited all of the prospective students who would be attending school there upon completion…there were 4 bus loads of kids, parents and teachers that showed up! During the speeches by the mayor of Green Bay and the school principal, one little boy had to go to the bathroom so bad, that he just pulled down his pants in the middle of the group and went #1! Everyone got a good chuckle as his dad had to quickly shield his son and let him finish…he couldn’t have been more than 4 years old! Anyway, it was priceless and it felt great knowing that we were doing a project for such a special group of kids!

Jeff Brayton

My favorite Miron moment of 2014 would have to be at the Grand Reopening of the Potawatomi Carter Casino and Hotel on September 10th. This project ran from November of 2013 through September 2014. It entailed adding a fire sprinkler system in the entire hotel and corridors, the remodeling of the pool, restaurant and bar, corridors, hotel lobby, elevator replacement and an addition for laundry room, housekeeping and connecting link. We had a great project team (Project Manager- Shelly Retzlaff, Project Administrator- Nicole Kortz, Project Executive-Todd Sabourin). The owners were great and enjoyable to work with. At the Grand Reopening, Shelly, Todd, Dave Voss and his wife were all present. The Tribe performed a dedication and blessing of the facility and put on a tribal dance that was really neat to see. It was really interesting to see their culture and where it originated. They also served us an excellent meal. It was really great to see how excited, happy and proud all the owners and staff were of their newly renovated facility. It sure made me/us feel proud of what we do every day and can accomplish.

Krystle Burnett

Through working for Miron and being onsite at Lambeau, I was presented with the opportunity to work ON THE FIELD during a pre-season Green Bay Packer game!  One of our subcontractors offered me and my project manager the opportunity to work with the phone system during the game.  We were provided official NFL gear to wear while we were stationed on the field at the 30 yard line.  We even made it on TV!  It was incredible to be that close to the players (especially Jordy Nelson)!  It was truly a once in a lifetime experience, and just one of the reasons I love working for Miron, and LOVE working onsite at Lambeau.

Ken Chestolowski

With the aid of a Miron Construction sponsorship, Wisconsin Elite’s 12U girls softball team (which my girls Ally and Maddy play on), were able to win the 12U NSA state tournament in Kimberly, WI.

Dorinda Corbett

My Favorite Miron Moment of 2014 was on 12/13/14.  I graduated from UW-Oshkosh with a BLS in Organizational Administration.  I decided to take this journey in the fall of 2012 when everyone at Miron was encouraged to better ourselves. My parents supported me tremendously, however my extended Miron Family surprised me the most. I was really unsure of myself rejoining the world of academia after leaving UWO in 1995. The extra help I received from Pete, D3 and Royce was very much appreciated. The well wishes received from the Field Services Group and Team D3 really set the tone for my big day. I am grateful to everyone who helped me along the way to achieve my goal.

Tonya Dittman

I had a lot of favorite moments but one that stands out is the Fox Cities Marathon. Miron was a lead sponsor of it for the first time, so not only is it a great community event we support, it was also a personal accomplishment for me because it represented my first “real” 5K. I trained and was able to run the entire duration, and I did it with a great team of Miron people. Definitely stands out as a fav moment for 2014.

Cheri Duchrow

I love being involved in the annual Miron Christmas Party for the children. This year was special because I was able to dress as an elf. I love sharing my creative side by leading the jewelry craft room.  Any time I can take photos at a Miron event and share those memories with the Miron family it is a pleasure.

Jayne Frazier

Hortonville School Dedications – Celebrating the successful Hortonville referendum as finished projects with our friends at the District and awesome team! My daughter is in one of the classrooms we added at the middle school, and my son uses the new high school facilities every day.

Jeanne Giesen

This photo is from this past year’s Polar Plunge “Freezin for a Reason.”  It was a fun and worthy event, although not enough brave Miron participants. From left to right in the photo below is our own Royce Alsbach, Nicole Matuszak, my daughter Tara, and her friend Bobbie.  It was one of the coldest days of the winter so I give them a lot of credit for “taking the plunge.” I do think that Royce should have worn a tutu though.

Kevin Hildebrandt

My favorite moment in 2014 was probably the Cedar Rapids Tradesperson Appreciation Event that occurred at Hawkeye Downs in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on October 23, 2014. The event was filled with great food and prizes for the Miron team members that performed work in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area.  It was a great event and a lot of fun for everyone in attendance!  However, it was not the event/party itself that makes it rank as the high point of the year for me.  What makes it rank so high is what the project teams did to earn such an event.  The project teams in Iowa have worked very hard at changing not just the risk management culture of that division, but they have also worked diligently at developing a very positive, professional organizational culture. Historically, the Cedar Rapids region had the worst risk management performance of all the regions within Miron.  However, through planning, hard work, commitment, and employee involvement, the Cedar Rapids region has gone 2 years with only one recordable injury (which happened to be a bee sting). It’s not to say that everything is perfect in the Cedar Rapids area, but the region has made the most significant positive cultural changes of all of the regions within the Miron organization. It also struck me that the event was designed to show Miron’s appreciation to the tradespeople for their hard work and commitment at bringing quality, production, and safety together as a package deal with the client as the focal point of their efforts. However, it ended up with the tradespeople expressing their gratitude and appreciation to the Miron organization for providing a professional atmosphere where they feel comfortable and where their quality of life is paramount. Furthermore, it was repeatedly stated to me that they feel they are an integral part of an organization that is committed to the local community, values each person’s efforts and contributions, and finally, provides advancement opportunities for those who want it. It is easy to focus on the areas that are lacking or need improvement and miss the positive things that are occurring. This event served as a good opportunity and reminder to me and others, to see positive, forward momentum.

Terri Holub

My favorite 2014 Miron Moment was the Summit 2014. I truly enjoyed the city-wide scavenger hunt (even though we didn’t win) and getting to know the people in our group.

Todd Kaufmann

My favorite moments are being able to do the Appreciation Cookouts for the field personnel. They truly appreciate the fact that we take the time and effort to do the cookouts.

Sue Koch

My favorite Miron Moment was my first day as a new employee. From the first day, I realized what a good company I had been hired into. I am very appreciative of being employed by a company that values their employees!! I hope to have many more Favorite Miron Moments J

Debbie Nussbaum

In December of 2013, my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. In January of 2014, many of my co-workers did not know how to help me through this difficult time, so they all chipped in, called me into the kitchen and gave me a gift that I could never say thank you enough for. Mark had six months of chemo so they gave us six months of a cleaning lady, a gift of money to spend when he was feeling well again, and two massages for me. There could not have been a better gift. Like everyone, I was embarrassed at first, but then I realized the care, support and love they wanted to share with me. I will NEVER forget that moment. Amazing how loved ones come around at a time of need.

Kyle Pieters

After 13 months working on the Monroe Waste Water Treatment Plant we finally started up the new system. Most people would not be excited to see waste water flowing through the middle of their brand new building, but I was ecstatic to see water flowing through mine.

Michael Sachs

My favorite moment of 2014 was the team building scavenger hunt in the Dells. It was an incredible amount of fun and a great chance to work together with people I might not usually work with much.

Halie Schmidley

Shortly after meeting and talking with a gentleman at a lengthy prebid tour of multiple elevators upgrades, I received a forwarded email from one of our project executives. The gentleman had brought up that we had met and were talking occasionally during the tour and he found it important to share that he believed I made a good impression of our firm. He ended the email quoting Tyink saying, “I can now move one penny from my right pocket to my left pocket!”  It was the kind of email that gave me the warm feeling that I’m doing something right.

Erin Severson

My favorite Miron moment from 2014 would be having the opportunity to join the Miron team. Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming and it feels good to be able to say that I love my job!

Alley Shepeck

I would have to say that my favorite moment was the scavenger hunt at last year’s summit.  It was a lot of fun and, since it was my first Summit, a great way to get to know my co-workers in a non-threatening way. Loved it!

Jill St. Cyr

Wow, what a year for the Menasha Bluejays! Miron Construction is renovating the 75-year-old high school and the football team had the perfect season going undefeated and winning the Division Two State Championship for the first time in Menasha’s history.  I am thankful to be part of a successful year at Miron and for being a proud parent of Menasha football player #99, Chad St. Cyr.  This will not be just a moment, but a season I will never forget.

Blake Titus

My favorite moment from 2014 is when I realized what we would be doing for the team building event at the summit.  Being a new employee, this was my first summit and I figured “team building” would be a little different than the town-wide scavenger hunt we ended up doing. It was pretty impressive seeing 30 conversion vans waiting for us in the parking lot when we left the building!

Lynne Verbruggen

One of my favorite moments of 2014 was “Take Your Child to Work Day.” I appreciate Miron’s commitment to families and their willingness to let us take a day out of our busy schedules to spend with our children. My youngest, Sam (pictured below), LOVES everything to do with construction, so this was a very special day for him as well.

Dave Voss, III

My favorite Miron event is the children’s Christmas party. My other favorite moment this year was the Alliant Energy Pavilions being able to host the World Dairy Expo in Madison.

Katie Voss

I would like to say that I love what I do at Miron. I love working with Mel and our partnership together. I love it that Dave Walsh gave me this opportunity.

Mike Voss

There were many great moments and accomplishments in 2014 I am sure for everyone.  One great/fun moment I enjoyed was the yard team building activity over at Palisades Park. With the busy schedules out in the field and constant demand for equipment /materials, it’s difficult for the yard to take a breath and enjoy a fun day. Dan Voss and Todd Kaufmann cooked lunch, which was, as always, amazing, and Dan gave everyone a pat on the back for everyone’s assistance with Quarry Quest.  So it was a great (and competitive) day, a thank you for hard work and really couldn’t have gone any better unless we would start making it an all-day affair. ; ) Winning first place was also just a small bonus!

Jake Wirkuty

My favorite Miron moment of 2014 is more of a highlight, than a specific moment, of my ironworking career to be working on Lambeau Stadium. No matter what the weather.

Wayne Wirkuty

My favorite moment was working with the ironworkers on the Lombardi Trophy for Lambeau Field. It truly was a career opportunity of a lifetime.

Tom Zahalka

Besides getting hired by Miron Construction 🙂 we had the public groundbreaking ceremony for the Monroe County Justice Center in Sparta, WI (newspaper article). We have a good team managing this difficult project, including Aaron Green (superintendent) and Paul Auer (VP-Madison/project executive).

Sara Zeinert

In February of this past year I was flattered to be offered a position to work at the Neenah office in the area of workforce coordination. I was truly humbled that my supervisors saw potential in me to assist the team in refining the current process, coordinating and supporting the current workforce with a goal of enhancing the overall experience for the tradespeople.  That trust placed in me has given me the confidence to assume the position and enhance the service to both our Miron projects and the tradespeople who continue to move Miron forward.

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