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Posted on Aug 27, 2013 by Miron Construction

Our Milwaukee office has been in existence for nearly three years. Here’s a bit more about our team, some projects we’ve worked on, what sets us apart from other Miron offices and why we love working in this great city:

Our team:
Tim Andrew, vice president of operations, and Bob Simi, vice president of business development, head up the leadership team. Between the two of them, they have more than 40 years of experience in the industry! Four additional employees round out the team.

What are some notable projects you’ve helped build?
Palermo Villa Manufacturing Facility and Headquarters, UW-Milwaukee Klotsche Center, Milwaukee Job Corps, UW-Milwaukee Innovation Accelerator, FCPC Renewable Energy, West Allis Café, and WI National Guard Building 401.

What is one local non-profit organization you’re passionate about giving back to?
The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee

Milwaukee Broomball

Broomball – benefiting the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee

Why is it fun working in this city?
We are in the hub of a plethora of things to do, whether it be during a lunch hour or after work; there is shopping, entertainment, food … and don’t forget the festivals!

What sets the Milwaukee office apart from the other Miron locations?
Similar to the famed saying of, “All politics is local,” all construction is also local.  What we mean by this is that other than building your home, there is little that is more personal than building your place of worship, place of education or place of work. When people build something personal they want to trust who is building their facility – both the company and the individuals. To trust people, you need to know them or have people you trust know them. Miron, as a company, knows and understands that before you build buildings for people, you need to become part of the community. You need to get to know and understand and ultimately be trusted by people before they choose you as their builder. What sets our Miron Milwaukee office apart is the same thing that sets apart all of our offices. We live, work and play in the communities that we help to build. Consequently people come to know us, then they come to trust us, then they come to be our clients and our friends.

Miron Construction-FCPC Biogas Facility-1FCPC Renewable Energy

Palermo Villa ExteriorPalermo Villa Manufacturing Facility and Headquarters

UW-Milwaukee Klotsche Center

UW-Milwaukee Innovation Accelerator

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