Getting to know the Miron Team: What superpower do you wish you had and why?

Posted on Mar 10, 2015 by Miron Construction

Next in our “Getting to know the Miron Team” blog series is “IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY SUPERPOWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE AND WHY?” Check out what some of our employees had to say and feel free to comment below letting us know what superpower you wish you had and why.

My superpower would be the ability to “ctrl + z” real life situations…because sometimes life needs an undo button.
Michael Babbitts

Where do I even start? Super-human strength? No, clumsy and most people think you’re a monster. Flying? No, heights aren’t fun. Invisibility? No, you have to be super comfortable being naked all the time, clothing isn’t invisible. A God? No, no matter how many times you save the world, mortals are still asking for more. For me, it would have to be the power of time travel! No more embarrassing moments, no more “what-ifs,” ability to change history, etc.
Craig Bieri

I’d choose INVISIBILITY, messing with my friends and enemies would be so much more fun than just saving the planet or some other do-gooder superpower.
Rob Chartier

If I could have a superpower, I’d like the ability to control time. I would slow it down because life moves way too fast.
Tony Creten

My superpower would be telepathy with animals. The reason being that I am a true animal lover, and am always talking to my pets as if they were people and yes, I do have everyday conversations with them. I guess it would be nice to know what their feelings were on the subjects I was discussing.
Laurie Donker

Why: to fight poverty and injustice. What: perhaps nothing as Phil 4:13 says I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Unless my power was not needing sleep so I could spend more time on what is important or I could touch water and make it clean so less people would die before they are 5 and more people could flush their toilets with drinking water.
Cheri Duchrow

If I had a superpower it would be the ability to cure cancer. I have lost good friends and family to this awful disease; no one should have to suffer to fight against something so terrible.
Tony Hauser

My superpower would be to be able to fly! When I was a kid, I always wanted the ability of uninhibited flight. I would try jumping off the top of the hood of our Allis Chalmers lawn mower, flapping my arms with a feather in each hand….…freedom, soaring above the land, a perspective only known and seen by a constrained few aided by mechanics/technology, not by a God-given human ability of spontaneous flight! True freedom! My childhood fable has the habit of sneaking into the voids of my adult dreams, reviving the rural life daytime dreams of my superpower, flight!
Andre Lorenzen

I would Fly. Wouldn’t it be cool!!!  Fly low or high, view anything, stop anywhere, go at any time; imagine the freedom you would have. Since it’s a superpower I would have the ability to go superfast! I travel often by plane and automobile and the biggest set backs are time and destination.
Kurt McArthur

Give Peace, because there is too much anger when it comes to certain groups in this world. I would be sparing though, not everyone gets total peace; those who at least appear to have things under control would not get it.
Craig Michels

If I had superpowers I would take care of all of the poverty and homeless. The fact that we support all other countries makes me so sad. Let’s just take care of our own people and make their lives better. We don’t need to look overseas; we have plenty in our area and the entire United States. I’m not saying don’t take care of others, but take care of our people first.
Debbie Nussbaum

My superpower would be to see the future. This would help me to prevent harmful events that would have occurred to my family and friends as well as preventing catastrophic events worldwide.
Melissa Voigt

I think it would be cool to have the ability to teleport. I want to be able to just think of a place, anywhere in the world, and I’m there. It would definitely make vacationing easier and more affordable. I could pop over to another country, like say Italy, and have authentic Italian for dinner any day of the week or on a cold winter day I could pop over to the Caribbean and sit on the beach all day and still be home in time for dinner.
Randy Williams




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