Miron Dream Project–Breaking Ground on What Matters Most: YOU!

Posted on Feb 24, 2015 by Miron Construction

Do you dream? Or have a dream? Everyone does in some way – whether it’s imagining a new adventure, pondering what you want to achieve, contemplating that next accomplishment or just mulling over some ideas you have swirling around in your mind. Usually dreaming is done on your own time, even though these thoughts may make their way into your head (and your heart!) throughout the day. The Leadership at Miron had the vision to encourage our team members to DREAM! “Our commitment reaches beyond construction; our passion brings dreams to life” is our Mission statement – and that is true for more than just our clients. We have decided to put the same thought and dedication into caring for our team members’ dreams as we do into those of our clients.

The book The Dream Manager, by Matthew Kelly, was brought to the attention of our owners, David G. Voss, Jr. and Tim Kippenhan. Upon reading it, they decided to commit to helping with our team members with their personal pursuits. We are continually working to improve our professional development, but that’s not the only driver that makes a company great. There is no longer a clear division between our personal and professional lives; they are continually blending into one another. The days of a 9-to-5 job are fairly non-existent; work flows in to your private life and vice versa. By only focusing on professional development, we are missing out on the other “half” of our team’s lives – the personal side.

Numerous studies have shown that by balancing the professional and personal sides of life, an individual is better suited to perform tasks and solve problems efficiently, has improved creativity and progressive thinking, and has a clearer perspective on values and priorities and overall life fulfillment. By focusing on individuals as a “whole,” we are creating an environment that supports all aspects of our team members’ lives, and that satisfaction, fulfillment and engagement flows back and forth between his/her personal and professional world. Companies creating these types of environments (Microsoft, Google, Target, Promega -another Wisconsin-based company and MIRON!) are not only blazing the trail but setting themselves apart from other organizations. We care on so many different levels, and our team members live it. Our leaders get it. Our clients see it. Our families feel it.

The Miron Dream Project is designed to assist our team members on any personal goal, project, aspiration or dream he/she has. We have a fulltime Dream Coach, Carrie Garczynski, to help map out, assist and support with these endeavors, along with monthly Expand Your Mind & Munch workshops and custom tools to help cultivate ideas and ambitions. To date, we have 49 Miron team members who have signed up for and worked on Dream Projects! Everything from starting a small salsa business, to finding birthparents, to pursuing a pilot’s license, to being the first female at Miron to run the Fox Cities marathon to learning how to ride a motorcycle.

So, really, the sky is the limit! Keep dreaming – without dreams, life isn’t as balanced or fulfilling as it potentially could be. Contact our Dream Coach, Carrie Garczynski, at [email protected] or 920.969.7090with any questions or to set your dreams in motion.

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