Is your office space affecting your productivity?

Posted on Feb 12, 2013 by Miron Construction

Did you know that the layout of your office can affect employee productivity? The way offices and gathering spaces are laid out can either hinder or enhance the way employees work on a day-to-day basis. It’s important to keep the work environment fun, yet productive. Here are a few things to keep in mind when either moving to a new space or just reorganizing.

  • Natural light gives employees the feeling of being connected rather than confined in a closed space, separated from the rest of the world. If your office space doesn’t allow for every employee to have at least a little bit of natural lighting, opt for common meeting spaces that have windows, such as kitchens or gathering rooms.
  • Employees like to feel as though they can control their environments to some degree. If possible, allow employees to adjust temperatures by cracking a window or turning on the heat. Being too hot or too cold takes focus away from the task at hand.
  • It used to be more common for businesses to set up cubicles in the workplace, but these days collaboration can be more productive. Open workspaces allow for easy exchanges and brainstorms. If your employees work in teams, arrange their desks closer together or take away space dividers. Leave a few fully functioning offices open for anyone to use when he or she needs to make a private phone call or work in a quieter space. If cubicles are still favored, opt for lower panels so employees can easily exchange ideas and review projects with less hassle.
  • Encourage employees to add personal touches to their workspaces, such as bringing in a photo or decorative piece from home. Also allow for them to provide feedback about their need—whether it’s a more comfortable office chair or something else that might be missing, hindering their productivity.
  • Most importantly, allow for change in the office by keeping spaces flexible. Switch offices or work spaces every six months or so for a change of pace, or rearrange office furniture. Keeping things fresh and flexible can help boost productivity and make the workday seem less routine.
  • Reflect your business culture through wall paint and décor. Do you work in a creative environment? Find some pieces that are colorful, like orange or red to inspire creativity. If you work in a more logistic environment, opt for cool pieces with blues, greens and purples.

By creating a fun, inviting atmosphere, employees will feel more engaged, which leads to increased productivity. Some of these changes may be simple, but making them could help boost productivity in the office and make for happier employees.

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