Maintaining family culture by saying ‘Thank You’

Posted on Sep 25, 2017 by Construction

Tradespeople appreciation event

Each year, Miron holds a series of Tradespeople Appreciation Events at various locations throughout Wisconsin and Iowa, where we perform the majority of our work. These events (which include a social hour, a chance to play games and win prizes, dinner, a presentation, and a raffle) provide the opportunity to not only thank our tradespeople for the work that they do, but to stress the importance of safety, quality, and production. Pete Klosterman, Vice President, Field Services, and David Voss III, Vice President, Field Operations, recently shared some details about these unique events.

How did the idea come about to hold the Tradespeople Appreciation Events?

PK: It all started with a safety challenge in Miron’s Cedar Rapids office. They set a goal to go an entire year without a lost-time injury. The prize for meeting this challenge? The Regional Risk Control Manager, Shawn Becker, would shave his head. The goal was ultimately achieved, Shawn followed through as promised, and the office celebrated the achievement with a party. In a discussion about the success of the safety challenge and the festivities that followed, the idea was born to continue to highlight the importance of safety in a unique way while celebrating the tradespeople who work in the field to make Miron a success.

Why does Miron hold these events?

DVIII: Miron employs more than 1,100 skilled tradespeople who perform concrete, masonry, carpentry, precast concrete, steel erection, and millwright services on our construction sites. Given that they’re union employees, there’s a wide variety of companies where they could work. We appreciate that they’ve chosen to work for Miron, and we think it’s important to thank them for the work that they do while emphasizing safety, quality, and production (SQP)—the philosophy by which we work. Our main objective at the end of each day is simple: everyone goes home safe. By taking the opportunity to share a meal together, talk about safety topics, reflect on the past year, and learn about what’s ahead for Miron, we are able to connect the office with the field and share valuable information.

How do these events fit into our company culture?

DVIII: The Tradespeople Appreciation Events are unique to Miron and directly reflect our family culture. The work our tradespeople do on a daily basis is important; these events allow us to more deeply incorporate them into our company culture, connecting all facets of our organization.

PK: On average, about 73% of our tradespeople attend these events each year. Miron takes this opportunity to show our sincere appreciation, demonstrating that our tradespeople are not “just a number,” but part of the Miron family. The full support of the company’s ownership is felt at every event; at least one of the owners attends each event, presenting information about the past year and what’s ahead for the company, as well as interacting with the tradespeople.

What happens at these events?

PK: Each event starts with a social hour where everyone is able to visit and play games to win prizes. It’s an opportunity to have some fun together. A homemade meal is prepared by the Risk Department, and management buses the tables; it’s truly our tradespeople’s day, and we want to take care of everything!

Dinner is followed by a presentation that encompasses safety, quality, and production, and the night ends with plenty of chances to win great raffle prizes. Attendees also go home with a piece of Miron apparel, symbolizing our appreciation and that we’re all part of one team working toward a common goal.

What response have you received from tradespeople?

PK: The feedback we have received from our tradespeople has been extremely positive. We often hear they are blown away that Miron holds these types of events, and it’s our hope that they truly enjoy getting together each year.

How do these events set Miron apart?

PK: Tradespeople are essential to the success of Miron Construction. Their quality of work is Miron’s signature. It’s what sets us apart. Demonstrating our gratitude for all that they do is one small way we are able to show our commitment to them.

What is the most rewarding part of attending these events?

DVIII: The bigger a business grows, the harder it is to maintain a family culture. And yet that’s one of the most important aspects of who we are as a company. We often get so involved in the day-to-day tasks that we don’t get to spend as much time as we’d like in the field, talking to people and interacting with the physical act of building. It’s a piece of the business that we all love. These events allow us to connect on a personal level with those in the field who we haven’t had the opportunity to see or work with in a long time.

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