Meet the Miron teams – Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Posted on Apr 5, 2016 by Community

Get to know the people who make up Miron’s Eau Claire team!

Who makes up your team?
Nikki Jones – Project Administrator
Shannon Wilber – Project Accountant
Brian Hennessey – Project Manager
Jason Recob – Project Executive
Len Borgen – Vice President, Eau Claire Operations

What are some notable projects your team has recently worked on?
A few notable projects we are currently working on are a new microbiology lab for Nestle, upgrades to the Black River Falls School District, and a new clinic for the Center for American Indian Resources in Duluth, Minnesota. 

What is one local non-profit organization you’re passionate about giving back to and why?
Having just opened the doors to our new office in Eau Claire (photos below) we are actively looking to get involved with regional non-profit organizations and identify ways to give back to the community.

List three words to describe your office:
Energetic, optimistic, and passionate.

What is your favorite part about working in Eau Claire?
Eau Claire is a very welcoming community. Miron has had a presence and worked in the city on numerous projects, both public and private, throughout the years leading up to the decision to open a dedicated office. Thus far, the response from the community has been fantastic.

What sets this office apart from the other Miron offices?
The Eau Claire office staff is relatively new to Miron; three of the five employees were hired after September 2015. It’s exciting to see the company growing not only with a new regional office, but with talented new employees as well. We have big plans to grow our business on the western side of Wisconsin and obtaining top-notch talent will be key to that success.



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