Miron Construction: a College Student Perspective

Posted on May 11, 2017 by Education

By guest blogger: Derek Dosedla, UW-Oshkosh Student

March 31st of this year marks the day that the spring UW-Oshkosh sales class took a trip to Miron Construction’s corporate headquarters in Neenah, Wisconsin.  I learned quite a few things during our visit. Miron is a big name in construction, as many of us UWO students know from the countless signs located around our campus. In fact, Miron is currently working on the renovation of our very own Fletcher Residence Hall.

Not only has Miron worked on numerous projects across the US, they are also the official provider of construction services for the Green Bay Packers and Lambeau Field. That said, many of my fellow classmates were fairly unaware of the inner workings of a company that has constructed countless architectural pieces of art.

While erecting a new building is well out of my realm of knowledge, our visit helped me appreciate the business involved with a building project, and gave me greater respect for what it entails.  Now I’m not trying to paint a pretty picture about their company for my own personal gain. It’s just that I’m a history major and my time consists of reading, fact checking, and more reading. Therefore, it was just nice to meet and personally interact with the team at Miron. The world of sales and business is a different animal for me, and I like to see how the gears turn and how a business runs, from the inside out.

It’s easy to admire the finished products of companies like Miron, but it’s harder to understand the work that goes into producing them, and we rarely get to put faces to the names of the individuals who work behind the scenes to turn ideas into reality. We met with Craig Uhlenbrauk, Miron’s Vice President of Education, who along with Steve Tyink, Vice President of Business Innovation, gave us a tour of their corporate headquarters. Craig stressed the importance of community and gave examples of Miron’s community involvement. I also learned that Miron has a strong LEED program and portfolio, reflecting one of their core values as a company. People, Planet, and Payback is used as a medium to drive home the importance of “building green” to clients and employees alike. Since UWO makes Sierra’s list of the greenest schools in the country (coming in at number 3), I believe the similarities between our organizations’ values make a company like Miron more relatable to the individuals who attend UWO.

And you never know, maybe one of my fellow classmates will graduate, make it big, and let’s say want to renovate a stadium someday. I’m hoping my brief synopsis of Miron will at least provide the foundation for understanding just a few of the pieces that make for a strong construction partner.

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