Settling in to our New Iowa Office

Posted on Feb 7, 2017 by Miron Construction

Our team recently constructed and moved into our new home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Although the fresh office space is just a mere three months old, the company has had a physical presence in Iowa for nearly fourteen years. The new facility supports the company’s desire to grow its presence in Iowa, both to strengthen existing relationships and acquire additional work.

So how did the Cedar Rapids staff fare throughout the move, and how are they settling in?  Thanks to the Iowa staff for sharing their insight on the fun, and sometimes interesting, process of relocation!

What are your favorite feature(s) of the new office?

“I really enjoy our new kitchen and outside patio…Can’t wait to take advantage of it when it warms up!”
Shawn Becker, regional risk control manager

“I love how it is lit up at night and early in the morning! My friends say it looks like a glowing lantern when they drive by on the interstate.”
Stephanie Heims, reception professional

“Kitchen/Break Room – It’s a comfortable space to eat lunch.”
Steve Heyne, senior project manager

“The location is perfect – lots of space to grow.”
Mike Matias, warehouse operations laborer

“The technology.”
Luke Oberdorfer, project manager

“My favorite features are the ‘portfolio exhibits’ in our new feature space. They showcase many of Miron’s larger projects in Iowa. Many of our clients and partners who have come in previously had no idea that we worked on so many significant projects. This has been a great piece for selling Miron’s experience and capabilities.”
Kyle Van Dyke, project manager

“The brightness and openness. While I did have a window seat in our last space, now EVERYONE has a window to look out of and the entire office is full of natural light. You can see everything wherever you are in the office. Unless you’re in the coat closet or mechanical room, there are really no closed-off spaces, which I love.”
Katie Weideman, project accountant 

Where is your favorite spot to work? 

“My favorite spot to work is in my office. I can close my door and not be side-tracked by other people.” – Shawn

“Right in front at the reception desk, but I do love the kitchen for Friday ‘after-work conferencing’ with co-workers.” – Stephanie

My desk station is set up nicely, so I prefer to work there.” – Steve

The warehouse.” – Mike

My cubicle.” – Luke

“I really like the new training room. The room is configurable to different arrangements for larger group meetings.” – Kyle

“I primarily work at my desk, which I love, but I enjoy it when all of us can spend time in our break/kitchen area. There’s an island in there that we all seem to gather around, just as people seem to gather in their kitchens at home.” – Katie

How do you feel the new office better serves our clients?

“It allows us to bring clients into our facility and really show them who Miron is and the experience we can provide to them.” – Shawn

“It shows what Miron can do and is more open and inviting!” – Stephanie

“Our meetings are much more comfortable in our new conference rooms. Larger groups, better technology and vastly improved HVAC systems allow for the spaces to promote hosting meetings here, rather than looking for alternate spaces or not having them.” – Steve

“The new office warehouse shows Miron’s commitment to work and grow in Iowa.” – Mike

“The new office has many features that are easily adjusted to further impress our clients. Some of the conference rooms are named after university mascots, since we receive a lot of work from local universities. The ‘showcase lobby’ has the ability to be modified with an image or rendering of a previous project that a potential client may be more interested in referencing and seeing.” – Luke

“Our new office facilitates meetings for groups of many sizes, and gives us a common gathering point. This allows Miron to have our staff nearby to assist as needed, and full access to our in-house technology.” – Kyle

“This office literally SHOWS our clients the work that we do and that we take great pride in our people, as well as our work.” – Katie

Who has been your favorite guest to the new office? 

“When we had our ribbon-cutting ceremony, the mayor of Cedar Rapids was here and gave a speech. He spoke very highly of Miron and our dedication to the CR/Iowa City Corridor.” – Shawn

“David Voss, Jr.” – Stephanie

“Mayor Corbett during the grand opening.” – Steve

“Tim [Kippenhan], Dave [Voss], and Pete [Klosterman].” – Mike

“Dave Voss at the grand opening.” – Luke

“Our new office project architect, Steve Rohrbach. He is someone who I trust and whose opinion I have a lot of respect for. Seeing his reaction and feedback when he’s been here has been rewarding and really makes me feel optimistic that Miron has a great new facility that will have long-lasting benefits for our staff and clients.” – Kyle

“We have had many great guests come to the new office—the Mayor of Cedar Rapids, various clients and several Wisconsin Miron employees and executives. So I’m going to say who I don’t miss—this guy (see pic below) who hung outside of my space in the old office for quite some time. We had many ‘guests’ (ducks, geese, cats, birds, squirrels, rabbits, crows) at the old office, since the outside glass was reflective. 🙂 ” – Katie

Did you lose anything in the move?

“I didn’t lose anything but I was able to throw a bunch of stuff away! I may be a bit of a hoarder….” – Shawn

“Yes, my bubble wrap for packaging and a couple files.” – Stephanie

“The dust bunnies that were hiding behind my monitors.” – Steve

“No tools, equipment or items, just a little sleep determining the perfect, logical place to put everything in the warehouse.” – Mike

“No.” – Luke

“Just a bunch of old, worn-out furniture and chairs!” – Kyle

“I don’t think that I did, perhaps just the ‘pets’!” – Katie





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