Team Miron: Why Do I Mask Up?

Posted on Oct 29, 2020 by Miron Construction

These members of Team Miron want you to know the reasons why they mask up:

Senior Project Manager Amanda Manteufel: I wear a mask so my kids can go to school.

Virtual Construction Specialist Blake Titus: I wear a mask so we can all get back to normal as soon as possible!

Regional Risk Control Manager Brandon Blank: I mask up to protect the health and future work prospects of all our skilled tradespeople who bust their hump every day, rain or shine, to keep Miron one of the premier construction companies in the Midwest.

Business Group Leader Craig Montz: I wear a mask for my 5-year-old twins and 8-year-old who love greeting their dad at the door!

Executive Vice President, Industrial Operations, Dan Voss: I wear a mask to safely watch my ninety-year-old grandmother have a tea party with my daughter and cheers to “Happy Days!”, as well as see her look into my newborn sons’ eyes.

Project Executive Dave Keating: I wear my mask because I am trying to do my part to slow the spread of COVID-19.  My wife is an RN and has seen how the virus has affected many individuals and families.

Executive Vice President, Field Operations, David Voss III: We all need to be in this together! One of the reasons why I wear a mask is to feel confident that others I come into socially distanced contact with will not be taking on the risk of getting their elderly family members sick on my behalf!

Secretary/Treasurer, CFO, Dean Basten: I mask up because I care about each person I may come in contact with, particularly my Miron family!  Stay safe everyone!

Superintendent Dean Van Dyke: I wear a mask as a temporary addition to our PPE because it is gives a comfort level of added protection for most of our customers, coworkers and owners, it allows us to keep our projects moving forward, and it shields me from the dragon breath that we are sometimes subjected to!

Dream Coach Eric Marcoe: I wear my mask to protect those that are higher risk, so they don’t have to feel confined to their homes. I also wear my mask to keep my kids in face to face school so they can get an amazing education. These kids are our future. We need their teachers healthy to teach them.

Superintendent Gerald David: I wear a mask to keep my coworkers safe, and lead by example.

Warehouse Operations Team Leader Hunter Nelson: I wear a mask for the health and protection of the people surrounding me during this pandemic.

Senior Vice President, Project Management, Jason Recob: I choose to mask up to show I care and respect others. It’s small gestures and compassion that help influence and change others around us.

Marketing Specialist Jayne Frazier: I wear a mask because science is real. And everything’s not all about me.

Superintendent Jeff Brayton: I wear a mask to keep my colleagues and family safe.

Civil Superintendent John Griffin: This year I have worked from Texas to the U.P. of Michigan and now working in lower Michigan, so I wear my mask to prevent my staff and my family from getting COVID-19. It’s worth it!

Human Resources Manager Maria Seitz: I wear a mask so my kids can attend school in person.

SharePoint Consultant Maryam Sohail: I wear a mask for the safety of my 1.5-year-old daughter who waits all day to hug me when I go back home.

Project Executive Matt Frey: I wear a mask because I don’t want to be an “elephant in the corner” … and it compliments my eyes.

Estimating Coordinator Morgan Hilgart: I wear a mask to do my part to keep the ones I love safe and healthy.

Project Accountant Patti Bergeson: Wearing a mask to protect not only myself and coworkers, but also our families that we go home to every night.

Sign Shop Professional Sue Koch: I mask up, now, to see my new Granddaughter, and always, to keep my family safe and healthy!

Senior Vice President, Yard Operations, Tony Creten: I wear a mask out of respect for your hunting season, Thanksgiving, and holidays. Please respect mine and wear a mask!













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