Tradespeople Appreciation Events

Posted on Sep 23, 2019 by Miron Construction

Tradespeople Appreciation EventsThe bigger a business grows, the harder it is to maintain a family culture. And yet, it’s this close-knit culture that makes Miron Construction so special.

When it comes to the Miron family, our tradespeople are essential to our success. Their quality of work is Miron’s signature; it’s what sets us apart. Demonstrating gratitude for all they do is one small way Miron is able to show its commitment to them.

To that end, Miron holds a series of Tradespeople Appreciation Events each year throughout Wisconsin and Iowa, where we perform most of our work. What our tradespeople do is important, and these events provide an opportunity to not only thank them for the great work they do, but to stress the importance of Safety, Quality, and Production (SQP)—the philosophy by which we work.

Each event starts with a social hour where everyone is able to visit and play games to win prizes. After hearing from one of our owners and listening to a presentation that reinforces our SQP philosophy, the group shares a meal together. The night ends with plenty of chances to win some great raffle prizes. Attendees also go home with Miron-branded apparel or gifts, symbolizing that we’re a cohesive team working toward the same goal.

Not only are these events important to our tradespeople, but they’re also meaningful for the office staff who attend them. Often, our project teams get so involved in day-to-day tasks that they don’t get to spend as much time as they’d like talking to people in the field and interacting with the physical act of building—a big piece of the business that we all love. The Tradespeople Appreciation Events allow those in the office to connect on a personal level with teammates in the field.

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