Women in Construction Week Spotlight: Jen Bauer

Posted on Mar 8, 2022 by Miron Construction

As part of Women in Construction Week 2022, we’re highlighting the women of Miron Construction – their backgrounds, what got them into construction, and what both rewards and challenges them. We hope these features inform and inspire you!

Jen Bauer – Senior Vice President, Marketing & Culture

  • What is the most rewarding part of your job? I think this has changed for me throughout the years. A decade or so ago, I would have said that completing a project and having it be a success was the most rewarding part of my job. These days, the most rewarding part is watching my team grow, both as individuals and as a cohesive unit.
  • What has been your favorite project you have worked on? I don’t think I can pick just one. I’ve been with Miron for more than 18 years and have had the opportunity to work on so many incredible projects. I have to say one of the projects I’m most proud of is the creation of the Build Like a Girl event. It is so incredible to see the smiles on attendees’ faces every year as well as the pride our craftspeople take in sharing their passion with the next generation.
  • What made you interested in a career in construction? I think there is something so beautiful about the tangibility of construction. To see the vision of the client and architect brought to life on the project site is simply amazing.
  • What are some challenges you face in your role? I’m not going to lie, being a female in a male-dominated industry is never easy. That said, I’ve had the distinct honor of witnessing many female coworkers take on leadership roles within our organization and that has been absolutely amazing to watch. It is so incredible to see diversity being embraced. One other challenge I face is a challenge that many professionals do—figuring out how to strike a balance between my professional and personal life. I feel fortunate to love what I do but it sure would be nice to have a few more hours in the day and days in the week.
  • How did you get into construction? I was fortunate to have an internship in college that introduced me not only to Marketing, but to the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry. When I saw there was an open position at Miron that so closely aligned with what I did during my internship (which I loved), I jumped at the opportunity. The fact that it was in an industry I was already somewhat familiar with was just icing on the cake.
  • Why is it important for women to get involved in construction? Women can find incredible careers in this industry with well-paying positions, and honestly, the future of our industry relies on more women venturing into it. Not only is it simply a matter of having more open positions than individuals to fill the roles, but diversity is what is going to help our industry continue to grow and flourish.
  • Did you have a female mentor, or are you a mentor to another female? If so, why are those experiences so valuable? I’m not sure I would say that I have a formal female mentor, but there are countless women in our community who have served informally in that role for me. They offered advice, served as sounding boards, and simply let me know that the challenges I faced were not uncommon. Knowing that I was not alone during difficult moments in my career was invaluable and I definitely hope I serve in a similar capacity for women I’ve had the good fortune to work with both inside and outside the walls of Miron.
  • As a female leader at Miron, how can you inspire other women in their roles? I simply hope to serve as an example of what is possible at Miron. I would also like to serve as a resource for women who are striving to ascend the ranks of leadership within our organization. I’m a strong believer in the “If you see it, you can be it” mentality. When I started at Miron, there weren’t any women in senior leadership positions, but thankfully, I had individuals both inside and outside the organization who were invested in my growth and encouraged and supported me in my career. I hope to have that same impact on others because I know how critical it was to my professional success.

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