Women in Construction Week Spotlight: Steph Heims

Posted on Mar 8, 2022 by Miron Construction

As part of Women in Construction Week 2022, we’re highlighting the women of Miron Construction – their backgrounds, what got them into construction, and what both rewards and challenges them. We hope these features inform and inspire you!

Steph Heims – Reception Professional, Labor Resource Coordinator

What made you interested in a career in construction? As a little girl, I was always interested in building and construction. My grandfather was an electrician and plumber, but unfortunately he told me that a girl should never do dirty work with electricity. I would watch him work and always thought it was great when he could help builders finish their work by putting electricity or plumbing in the building.
What are some challenges you face in your role as a woman in construction? As a Labor Resources Coordinator, I think some men were afraid to think I could take care of scheduling or managing new hires on our projects. I proved to them that I could.
Why is it important for women to get involved in construction? I am the board president of the Cedar Rapids-Iowa City chapter (160) of the National Association for Women in Construction and have been on the board for six years. This group helps women feel strongly about being in the construction world; women can do this work!
Did you have a female mentor, or are you a mentor to another female? If so, why are those experiences so valuable? I had a female boss/mentor who showed me that a woman can do a man’s job just as well.
What advice would you give to other young women who are interested in construction as a career? Go for it. I wish I would of moved forward on being in the electrician or plumbing trade to keep my grandfathers business alive today. I don’t regret taking the step to work for Miron; I have learned a lot and am very grateful to be here. Don’t be afraid and know that you can do this!

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