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Posted on Apr 14, 2015 by Theresa Lehman


Anyone who has experienced the culture at Miron’s headquarters will tell you it’s unlike most businesses. Part of that is because of our commitment to sustainability, and how that commitment shines throughout our office—inside and out. Below are a few of our favorite green features at Miron’s corporate office:

  • When it comes to sustainability, we practice what we preach: Miron’s headquarters in Neenah, Wis. is Gold LEED certified. Energy efficiency played a big part in earning this certification. Features include the retrofit of the existing 2006 light fixtures to comply with the 1 watt per square foot electrical code, adding occupancy sensors, the integration of an abundance of daylight and daylight sensors and the exterior sun shelves and overhangs. We also added a geothermal heating and cooling system to the two building additions, which includes 87 geothermal wells hidden beneath the south employee parking lot, a white EPDM roofing membrane on the entire roof to negate the heat island effect and low-flow plumbing fixtures that enable us to use less hot water.
  • Within the building, our company culture lends itself to promoting green behaviors and choices. We have eliminated bottled water and have installed ION water stations throughout the office. We have also provided glass glasses, as well as biodegradable paper cups. We have placed recycling receptacles at each workstation, as well as recycling stations for paper/cardboard and co-mingles (glass, plastic, metals, etc.) throughout the office. We have battery recycling for employees, we recycle our lamps, and our IT department recycles all of our office equipment, including computer monitors and mobile devices. Outside the office, we continue to encourage alternative transportation efforts—like carpooling and purchasing low-emission vehicles—by providing preferred parking spaces. Bicycle racks are located on the east side of the building and our Wellness Center is equipped with full service locker rooms to encourage employees and visitors alike to bike to work. The Fox Cities Trestle – Friendship Trail is also just outside of our Wellness Center, and will ultimately connect Manitowoc, Wis. with Stevens Point, Wis.
  • Another example of our on-campus sustainability efforts is focused on creating high indoor air quality. All of our systems furniture and seating is GreenGuard certified, meaning it is free of volatile organic compounds and does not off-gas any toxins. Our walls are painted with low-emitting paints and our carpeted floors are “Green Label Plus” certified products by the Carpet and Rug Institute. The air in our mechanical systems is filtered by MERV 13 filtration to remove particulates, dust and allergens. We care about our employees’ health and emphasize the importance of breathing high quality air.

To visit our headquarters is to see that sustainability is a key initiative for Miron, and something our employees are passionate about. We’ll be sharing more green ideas throughout Earth Month, and throughout the year as we work toward a sustainable future for our community!


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Dedicating her entire career to sustainable practice, Theresa has worked on more than 70 projects seeking LEED® certification utilizing the LEED®-NC, LEED®-CI, LEED®-CS, LEED®-EBOM, and LEED® for Schools green building rating systems. She has successfully certified projects that have earned LEED® certification at all four award levels including: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Her portfolio of LEED® projects includes many “Wisconsin firsts” such as the first State of Wisconsin LEED® certified project, the first healthcare facility, the first LEED®-EBOM Schools, the first LEED® for Schools project and the first zero-net energy / carbon neutral project–the Aldo Leopold Legacy Center–the “greenest building on the planet” according to Rick Fedrizzi, former President, CEO & Founding Chair, U.S. Green Building Council.

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