Goymerac to educate on community waste-based energy solutions

Posted on May 13, 2014 by Miron Construction

Neenah, Wis. – Miron Construction Co., Inc.’s catalogue of renewable energy projects has grown significantly over the past five years, in large part due to the experts in the field it has on staff. One of those experts, Dan Goymerac, Vice President of Industrial Business Development, will participate in an upcoming webinar with Biomass Magazine. He will share his expertise and experience in working with various renewable energy projects, including the recently completed Forest County Potawatomi Community Renewable Generation Facility in Milwaukee.

The webinar, titled From Burden to Benefit: Community Waste-Based Energy Solutions, will focus on how several localities have successfully integrated waste-based solutions into their communities, and the benefits reaped as a result. An excerpt from Biomass Magazine:

Facing the pressures of tight budgets and limited landfill space, forward-thinking community leaders are stepping up when it comes to waste management solutions. Not only have these municipalities striven to achieve the most efficient strategies to manage and dispose of waste, but at the same time, are doing so in an environmentally sound manner, adopting cutting-edge technologies and producing renewable, baseload power and/or transportation fuel.

“The biomass and alternative energy industry has been developing and changing over the past 5-10 years,” Goymerac said. “We have seen the use of woody biomass and curb side waste being initially utilized for incineration, along with combined heat and power (CHP) plants. Now many facilities are utilizing the latest technologies to produce not only power, but compressed natural gas (CNG), along with modular biodiesel, naphtha and high output commercial biofuels.”

The Forest County Potawatomi Community Renewable Generation Facility converts liquid and solid food waste to biogas through an anaerobic digestion process. Miron Construction held the entire contract for the project, providing permitting support, design engineering, equipment procurement, construction, and start-up and commissioning.

Those interested in participating in the May 15 webinar can visit biomassmagazine.com/pages/webinar/ to register.


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