At Miron, we know that our employees are unique, multifaceted individuals. We understand that supporting and encouraging them helps them grow and positively influences their personal and professional lives. To encourage our employees to flourish in their aspirations, we have taken a unique approach to our support. We call it the Dream Project.

Miron’s Dream Project challenges employees to live out Miron’s core values in their personal and professional lives. The Dream Project provides coaching sessions that help employees Stay Grounded by taking a deep dive into who they are and identifying what they want to become and how they can get there. The Dream Project challenges employees to Think Big and Dig Deep past their self-imposed limits and explore what might be possible. To examine these new possibilities, the Leadership and Life Coach creates a safe space and helps determine what truly matters to the employee and how they can Build Legacies at Miron.

Miron’s full-time Leadership and Life Coach is available to all employees during work hours at no cost. Employees are encouraged to reach out at any time.


In 2012, members of Miron Construction’s leadership team were inspired after reading the book The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly. The Dream Manager illustrates how companies can achieve remarkable results when they invest in helping their employees succeed in their personal goals. To bring this to life, Miron hired a Dream Coach (the position has since transitioned to Leadership and Life Coach).

At Miron, employees are asked to capture the dreams, values, and goals of clients in everything they do. The leadership team at Miron believes that if its employees are better equipped to bring their personal dreams to life, they will be better equipped to help others achieve theirs.

The coaching topics can vary greatly; below are past coaching topics:

  • bucket list completion
  • public speaking and performances
  • house or large purchase
  • hobby farm development
  • weight loss
  • tobacco cessation
  • inventions or entrepreneurial goals
  • vacation planning
  • degree or certificate completions
  • work/life balance
  • confidence
  • life purpose
  • financial debt worry
  • forgiveness
  • co-worker relationships
  • trusting self
  • looming retirement
  • being “present” at home
  • current purpose
  • volunteering/service of others
  • self time
  • becoming a published author
  • mentoring a child
  • loss of a family member
  • starting or completing a will
  • caring for an aging family member
  • coaching and mentoring others
  • finding happiness
  • leadership and career growth

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