Project Overview

This new high school solves multiple issues and provides many advantages to the community. The new facility addresses the space constraints at all existing buildings, and eliminates the need for portable classrooms and off-site rental space.

This long-term strategic solution prepares the District for projected enrollment increases, provides community opportunities such as increased recreation fields, upgrades classrooms to meet current standards at the high school level, and will be equipped with energy-efficient building options to reduce ongoing operating costs.

Education Market Leader

Craig Uhlenbrauck / Vice President, Education, Education
[email protected]


Prescott School District


136,300 SF


August 2016

Architect / Engineer:

Bray Associates Architects, Inc.

In their words…

"With our District's history of failed referenda, we knew we needed to do something differently. Through Miron's guidance in community outreach and education, we ensured our taxpayers were able to make informed decisions at the polls—resulting in a successful referendum." - Roger Hulne, Former Superintendent


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