Favorite Miron Moments – 2018

Posted on Dec 11, 2018 by Miron Construction

Arron Glysch – Estimator
I wanted to share a brief overview of not only a moment, but my experience at Miron this past year. From the moment I came into the office, everyone—and I mean EVERYONE—I met was more than welcoming. Caring, loving, friendly and compassionate are the words I would use when describing fellow co-workers. Coming from the field, the entire Miron team was willing to help me learn and grow both in my profession (estimating) and as a person. When I learned I was going to Afghanistan, I relayed that info to Jason Fuhrmann and my fellow team members. From that moment on, they took it upon themselves to help me in any way they could. It was a stressful time for me and my family. Sue Schneider set up a going-away party for me. (Thank you, Sue!) That alone went above and beyond to make me feel appreciated not only as a team member, but a member of the Miron family. While at the party, I was surprised with some Christmas-wrapped gifts from my team members. I really didn’t know what to expect. The contents of the gifts were some military equipment that will make me much more efficient at my job while in Afghanistan. The content isn’t what is important here. I learned that Chris VanDreese, a lead estimator that I look at as one of my mentors, went above and beyond to understand the things I needed and used that information to collaborate with the rest of the estimating team to get me those items. That to me is mind-blowing, and I am beyond thankful for what he and the rest of the team did for me.

That being said, I wish Miron the best of luck in 2019. Great people are capable of great things, and I expect nothing less from all of Miron. I will see you all in 2020, and thank you for not just this experience, but for all the great experiences I have had this past year. God bless.

Blake Titus – Virtual Construction Specialist
My highlight for the year has been seeing SERF come out of the ground. It’s been a pleasure working alongside all the talented people on the SERF team. I’m excited to see this building come to completion in fall of 2019. It’ll be a great addition to the Madison community!

Bob O’Keefe – Project Superintendent, Masonry
My favorite, most memorable moment of 2018 was completing the first elevation (bookend) of the Hammes Block 16 job in downtown Milwaukee. This certainly was a milestone, celebrating the pre-planning and hard work done up front by the Miron team, while finally being able to put all the pieces in place.

Craig Bieri – Creative Specialist
The annual corporate summit was such a great way kick off Miron’s 100th Year of Building Dreams by celebrating our accomplishments. The icing on the cake was the keynote from Dr. Rigsby…it was so real, so moving, and you could feel the charge in the room after he delivered his message. All very cool stuff.

Craig MontzBusiness Group Leader
Being new to Miron, I was amazed by my first moments in the door as a new hire. As I entered the Neenah office, I was asked to stand with a group of individuals in the atrium of the building. The next thing I know, someone is leading the group in stretches, sharing the tip of the day, and introducing me to the group as a new employee. Very cool way to start with the firm! In the past month, I have found the people are amazing and the culture is great! Glad to be on the team!

Dan Voss – Vice President, Food & Beverage
The Superintendent Fishing Trip in Canada was my personal highlight of 2018.

David Voss III – Vice President, Field Operations
The Superintendent Duck Hunt was my most memorable moment of the year. It’s always a great time full of laughs and getting to know the group on a personal level.

Jay Durkee – Project Foreman, Civil
The photos of these students at Mount Olive Lutheran School in Appleton say it all.

They followed it up with this sidewalk chalk art. That’s me on the right, a crane on left and their new school in the center of the drawing.

Kendra Pfeil – Project Accountant
My favorite Miron moment this year was attending a Packers pre-season game with the Madison office staff. It was a memorable event because it was so much fun hanging out with everyone, tailgating and cheering on the Pack in the Miron suite!

Kevin HildebrandtDirector of Risk Management
One of my favorite events in 2018 was the EUA Beyond Design Bike Tour. Great event, great people, great purpose – GREAT TIME!

Jen Bauer – Vice President, Marketing and Communications
My favorite Miron Moment of 2018 would have to be executing the corporate summit team building event – Centennial Pursuit. Jessie Micke and I spent countless hours planning the event, and while there were headaches and late nights along the way, watching fellow Miron team members working together with smiles on their faces made all the time and effort we invested well worth it. I truly hope participants had as much fun doing the activities as we had planning and watching them!

Jill DidierVice President, Business Development, Milwaukee
Summer days, Brewers baseball and coworkers – Milwaukee office team building!

Jim KraftOn-Site Risk Representative
My most memorable moment of the year was the Veterans Dinner that my Cub Scout Pack was able to host through the generosity of Miron.
The greatest leaders in the world are Servant Leaders.

Matthew FreyProject Manager
Compliments of Craig Bieri and the drone, this photo captures the American flag proudly sailing above Oshkosh Corporation’s new global headquarters. Still gives me chills. God bless America!

Matt SelleVirtual Construction Specialist
My favorite Miron moment was during the Miron bowling outing last March. I’ve always enjoyed bowling, and, being new to Miron, I thought this would be a great way to meet fellow employees. Luck would happen to show up during the 8-pin (game #2) portion of the night when I bowled a 300. My thought was, “It’s only an 8-pin; lots of scores will be high,” but you still find yourself weak in the knees and shaking during that tenth frame. The razzing from Tim Kippenhan and Paul Auer (who were both on my lane) didn’t help. Thank you to Miron for hosting such a great event to spend time with great team members.

Paul DuesterbeckProject Manager
As part of the Fox Valley Technical College – Wautoma Regional Center groundbreaking ceremony, the old farm house featured in the photo behind project superintendent Larry Zastrow and me was burned down by the FVTC Public Safety Department to make way for the new building.

Rob Chartier – Vice President, Healthcare
My favorite Miron Moment was on the softball diamond this past spring, playing with the Miron Team in the Willie Beamon’s League. While trying to turn a double into a triple, my 50-year-old Achilles tendon objected in a most egregious way. I got to ride my knee scooter all around the office, ringing my bike bell, riding the elevator all day and parking in the handicapped parking stall. Those folks that told me I was too old to play softball sure were jealous!

Sara Montonati – PR Specialist
As part of a fundraiser for United Way Fox Cities and the Emerging Leaders program, Dave was gracious enough to purchase a one-of-a-kind Night at the Improv, with hosts Cathie Tierney and Kathi Seifert. The night consisted of a talented improv coach who guided the group through self-discovery. Many of us were full of nerves and trepidation at the beginning, but before long we were learning about ourselves and each other, gaining new skills and having a blast. Thanks to Dave for his generosity to United Way and for allowing us to benefit from it as well!

Sara ZeinertLabor Resources Coordinator
I have two favorite Miron moments. The first would be helping with Jacob Glasow’s benefit and seeing the Miron Family come together to help one of our own.

The second would be playing Mrs. Claus at the Kids’ Christmas Party for the second year in a row!

Scott BallardProject Superintendent, Civil
Here is a photo of the nursing staff and me a few weeks before their unit opened. All the staff members were pumped to get into the new space.

Stephanie HeimsReception Professional, Labor Resource Coordinator
It is hard to pick one favorite memory for this year, but there are a lot of memories made with the Iowa Miron Team whenever we get together. I love playing the role of mom to everyone, and if it was not for my Miron family, there would be a lot of emptiness!

They make every day a joy to come to work! We laugh and cry together and watch out for one another. And yes, just like any family, you can have those temporary moments of disagreement, but it only lasts for a minute or two! 🙂 We are always a family and we will always have great moments together!

Terri GlaselMarketing Assistant
My favorite Miron moment of 2018 was the Marketing Department’s fall team-building event at Board & Brush!

Tonya DittmanDirector of Culture
I’m thankful for Miron’s driver of RELATIONSHIPS. Here are a few examples of how this showed up for me in 2018:

I’m thankful for spending time with our Iowa team. I had not been to our Iowa office for seven years, and this year I got to see the new office, welcome new team members, reengage with existing teammates and work on appreciation/culture.

I’m thankful for the newly formed Young Professionals Group (YPG) for Project Managers. This photo shows one of their first meetings. It’s evident that within the short amount of time they’ve existed, they are growing their impact with one another and the organization. Go YPG’s!

I’m thankful that I’ve gotten to know Sara Zeinert better, as well as a few members of our yard operations staff. This photo was taken at a benefit for one of our Miron Warehouse teammates, Jacob Glasow, who is fighting ALS. So many Miron folks got involved to help with this event; it’s nice to see our people taking care of “one of their own.”

I’m thankful that Miron was selected to build Oshkosh Corp’s new headquarters, and that I had the opportunity to meet Wilson Jones at last year’s summit. This photo captures the group of people who asked questions of him at the summit. We had a unique opportunity to ride in Oshkosh’s new JLTV…what an amazing experience. I’m proud to have played a small part in helping an organization that creates vehicles that are literally saving the lives of the men and women serving in our military.

I’m thankful for the relationships our Virtual Construction team are making each and every day with the talented people in the field. This picture shows Melissa Schulteis collaborating with Don Fournier (Frenchie) on technology and exchanging knowledge.

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