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Posted on Nov 21, 2015 by Innovation

On November 19, 2015, Miron hosted an Innovation Roundtable organized by Insight Publications at our corporate headquarters in Neenah, WI. The roundtable was held in Miron’s new Construction Innovation Lab and began with a live demonstration of the lab’s technical capabilities as well as a short discussion of how this new technology is supporting innovation for Miron and our clients.

The audience included a diverse group of innovation leaders from local companies all interested in the possibilities of technology, innovation, and the concept of an on-going forum for peer-to-peer discussion.

A panel of Innovation Leaders then shared their perspectives on innovation. Discussion focused on the role innovation plays in driving customer value, sources of inspiration for innovation, as well as the challenges the panelists face in their industries. This discussion was facilitated by John Rogers, a licensed facilitator for “PeerSpectives.” Mr. Rogers explained other types of PeerSpective roundtables that exist and the potential for one that would focus on innovation and technology.

Finally, goals for the creation of this type of Innovation Roundtable were discussed. There was significant interest in further developing this concept and how beneficial it would be to finding and sharing solutions to shared challenges. Many on the panel and in the audience believe that innovation is a matter of survival and that having a formal think tank where learning opportunities, the sharing of ideas, and the modeling of possibilities for others could be culture-shaping and have a dramatic impact on this region’s ability to recruit and retain talent.

Talent attraction was one of the key challenges facing many in the room. Other challenges included the successful implementation of innovation, capitalization to fund innovative ideas, and the role of technology in supporting and perhaps driving innovation. Additional conversation focused on types of innovation and that it can come in many forms, disruptive or incremental, but all forms are critical for the success of business, industry, our community, and the larger region.

Brian Rasmussen from Insight Publications will be collaborating with John Rogers to create an on-going Innovation Roundtable for all those interested in joining. The initial goal will be to hold these roundtables the 2nd Thursday of even number months, with the first one occurring in February 2016. Notes from today’s session will be circulated to all attendees.

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