iPads in, Blueprints out

Posted on Jul 21, 2011 by Corey Brumbaugh

The portability of the iPad means that information is at your fingertips anytime you want it. This is a dream come true for techies and anyone whose work requires them to be online constantly. But what effect is the iPad having on the construction business?

The benefits of using iPads in the construction industry are abundant and span the entire building process from start to finish. With projects online and on portable iPads, teams can share their projects with anyone, anywhere. This includes giving presentations and showing information to workers on site. Building owners are now able to fully visualize the project in which they are investing, instead of waiting for the physical construction to begin. New technology even allows for the presentation of what the building will look like at different times of the day.  Digital diagrams also layout the building process step-by-step and provide more accurate construction time frames and deadlines.

Miron started using iPads as a way to increase communication with clients who were always on the move, which made it difficult for them to answer project-related questions and give approvals on design and construction changes. The use of the iPad provided the client with a portable outlet so they could answer questions on the go.

Below are a few areas where Miron has found iPad technology to be beneficial:

On the construction site:

  • Information can be sent instantaneously  to a construction site and contractors.
  • A full set of construction documents can be taken into the field virtually so teams no longer have to carry around hundreds of pages of over-sized drawings and specifications, saving time and the cost of printing.
  • Documents, drawings and videos can be uploaded and updated from the site, which means less time spent in meetings and less money spent on designing.

Prospective sales:

  • Building plans and photos of previous/similar work can be easily presented to potential clients.
  • Business credentials (ex. licenses, certificates) are always available to share with new prospects.

On the road:

  • Reports are available to review, edit and send out from the passenger seat.


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