Meet the Miron Construction Interns: Bryce Boden

Posted on Jul 12, 2016 by Miron Construction

Internships are a great opportunity to get some real world, practical experience before graduation. At Miron Construction, we welcome a number of interns each summer to work in all areas of the company. Rather than us tell you about it, we have invited five interns to blog about their experiences working at Miron this summer. Earlier, we heard from Clint Garris, Zach Solberg, Alex Bartelt, and Marc McGuire. Next up is Bryce Boden, a project management intern at our Lambeau Field office.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Bryce Boden. This fall I will be entering my junior year of college at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, where I am pursuing a major in Construction Management with a minor in Business.

How long have you been an intern at Miron?

This summer is my second year working for Miron Construction. Last year I worked with David Voss III and Paul Duesterbeck at Howard-Suamico schools. This year I am working at Lambeau Field with Amanda Manteufel and John Murphy.

I first became interested in working for Miron Construction after I saw some of the incredible projects that they have been a part of and heard so many great things about Miron and how they treat their employees. Another thing that got me interested in Miron was when my dad (as part of the A/E team) worked with the Miron team over at Lambeau Field. In hearing some of the stories of how the group worked together and with the owner, I knew I would be a good fit.

What are your career goals?

I have two current short-term goals. First, I want to be like a sponge and learn as much as I can from my project team. Second, I want to understand the process of managing a project and building trust and a relationship with the owner.

When did you first become interested in a career in construction?

I first became interested in the construction field when my dad would bring home drawings to perform quality control checks on bid documents. He would lay the drawings on the living room floor and I would ask questions such as how, why, what is that, etc. Wanting to spend time with him and being interested in what he was doing, I would sit by him and look at the drawings too. I didn’t always know what they were of or what they meant, but I kept asking.

My family was also very involved in the process of building our house and shed, from the initial drawings through the actual build. I was very interested in the process and wanted to learn more.

What are you hoping to learn in your internship at Miron?

From my project team, I am hoping to learn the skills that are necessary to become an effective project manager/leader, understand more about the construction industry, learn how to work with a team of subcontractors/suppliers, and learn how to create and maintain a relationship with owners.



Thanks, Bryce! Be sure to check back later this summer for more on Bryce’s intern experience at Miron Construction.

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