My First Year as a Dream Coach

Posted on Jul 19, 2016 by Eric Marcoe

Miron Construction developed the Dream Project three years ago when Tonya Dittman, the company’s pre-construction specialist, shared Matthew Kelly’s book The Dream Manager with Miron president, CEO and co-owner, David G. Voss, Jr. What started as an idea has now become a reality and something that is very personal to more than 100 Miron employees who have utilized the program.

I’m Dream Coach v2.0 and have been in the position for a year now. It’s been an honor and a privilege getting to know so many Miron employees in ways most people typically don’t get to. I cautiously use the word “intimately,” however, that is the only word that truly defines the relationship between dream client and coach. An individual meets with me to become the greatest version of him or herself. Embarking on the journey to become one’s best self takes courage—the courage to not only share thoughts and emotions with someone else, but to have them reflected back. It’s just like looking in a mirror. That mirror is a whole new version of reality and it can spur quite the range of emotions.

I’m often asked, “What does a Dream Coach do?” The Dream Coach’s role is to meet each individual where they are currently at without judgement. The coach must keep the individual’s best interest in mind and must be fully present in the conversation to hear what’s being said and, more importantly, what’s not being said. Surprisingly, the coach doesn’t provide answers or advice; instead, they create space for the individual to think, feel, and see themselves closely in the mirror I mentioned earlier. People have all the answers they need within themselves, and the coaching process simply helps draw those answers to the surface. I have lost count of how many times someone has said, “Why couldn’t I see that before? The answer has been right in front of me all along.”

Something magical happens when your head (your thoughts) and your heart (your emotions) connect. Your thoughts suddenly have a whole new meaning. A simple example of this is that big idea you’ve had for 10 years. Your head tells you, “I should take action or follow through on my idea.” But you don’t take action. Then one day you decide the time is right. That is typically when your head and your heart have come together on the idea to initiate action. In some cases it’s simply timing, and in others it just takes that long to create the space necessary for that connection to occur. Coaching quiets the noise around an individual and creates the space to see what’s right in front of them.

Many of the employees now looking to meet with me have been encouraged by a coworker who has experienced coaching and has been inspired by who they have become as a result of their hard work during the coaching process. The willingness to take a step toward becoming the best version of yourself is all that you need. Knowing exactly what your dream is isn’t even necessary to begin the journey, which is exactly what coaching is—a journey. It’s certainly not about the end destination, but rather about the growth that happens along the way.

I look forward to year two of my journey here at Miron Construction and am excited to not only continue on the path with current dream clients, but to form relationships with new ones.

Remember, “Don’t dream your life, live your dreams!”



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Eric Marcoe is a Dream Coach with Miron Construction. He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and holds a Master of Education degree in Adult Education from Colorado State University. Prior to making his move to Dream Coach in June 2015, Eric was an Organizational Development Consultant for Affinity Health where he focused on leadership development and employee engagement. Eric has been coaching and developing leaders for more than 12 years.

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