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Posted on Sep 17, 2018 by Miron Construction

Miron believes ongoing education and training is essential to our success, both in the field and in the office.

The Academy of Excellence
Here at Miron, we are committed to the professional growth of our employees. We understand that confidence can be built through shared knowledge because knowledge is power. Miron’s Academy of Excellence was created to help our employees better meet the challenges they face every day. Miron sets out to hire, inspire, and develop the best employees while recognizing that learning is a never-ending process. To accomplish this, the Academy of Excellence offers training to ignite innovation and enhance individual and organizational effectiveness and success.

We approach the vision, design, and development of our academy using the model of a technical school or college in mind. The Academy of Excellence has the functionality and flexibility to provide education for all departments, project future needs, and systematically educate our team. The purpose of training at Miron is to support the achievement of the organization’s goals by increasing the necessary skills of all its team members.

Miron Construction educates and trains team members in the following areas:

  • Technical skills (construction, equipment, software, etc.)
  • Soft skills (communication, emotional intelligence, time management, etc.)
  • Leadership and management (coaching, mentoring, conflict resolution, etc.)
  • Health and safety (OSHA, first aid, CPR, etc.)
  • Compliance (discrimination, sexual harassment, etc.)

Leadership Development
Miron superintendents have a unique role. They are our on-site representatives with the responsibility and authority for all phases of the construction project. This includes direction of the project so it is completed safely, on schedule, and within budget to meet Miron’s quality standards and customer expectations. To accomplish this, superintendents must conceptualize a plan to construct the project, implement it, and ensure that the site’s activities are consistent with the plan.

We use this superintendent training so team members may better understand company expectations, self-assess their skills, measure skill improvement, and initiate self-sought-after training. By going through this process, we can identify learning opportunities to promote even more individual growth.

Skilled Craftsworker Excellence Program
This program is our opportunity to train on more specific topics that apply directly to those on projects sites. One class we have offered teaches best practices on how to lay out a project site correctly from the start, so one doesn’t have to reorganize mid-way through, saving time and effort. These training sessions may be attended by any Miron field employee, not just superintendents. Offering one-off sessions appeals to those who are interested in learning a specific skill but don’t necessarily have time for weekly or monthly sessions.

New Hire Orientation
Starting off on the right foot generally helps the overall learning process go smoother. We believe proper onboarding helps new hires transfer more seamlessly into their roles, allowing them to be more successful. Miron trainers spend an entire day making sure new hires feel welcomed and informed so they can hit the ground running.

Miron Way
This program teaches new hires the culture of Miron, and how important it is to our success. We take them all the way back to the beginning, so they see the path the company has taken, and where our path is headed in the future. Understanding Miron’s values sets expectations and allows new hires to see how they can thrive in their role and within the company.

Many people know what we do and how we do it, but everyone doesn’t know why we do it. Understanding our “why” is our recipe for success.

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