Shedding Light on a Unique Partnership: Virtual Construction & Sustainable Services

Posted on Jun 14, 2016 by Virtual Construction

Virtual construction and sustainable services have been mainstays at Miron Construction for many years, and the expertise from both areas within Miron continue to join forces to help create high performance buildings.

Our virtual construction and sustainable services teams use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to perform Building Performance Analysis (BPA) on many of the new facilities on which we are working. Over the years project teams have realized the benefits of BIM, including reduced errors and material waste, through the use of 3D models of self-performed work such as concrete and masonry, but also through mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection systems coordination. Using the models for coordination is in and of itself a key sustainable practice. Today, however, using Autodesk Revit with Autodesk Insight 360 to perform daylight analysis is another way these teams have shared expertise to create better building outcomes.

Daylight analysis on the 3D virtual model provides a snapshot into the future experience users of the spaces can expect. Designers and owners can confirm if the natural light levels will meet expectations. Equally important is whether or not the building minimum daylight requirements will be met to receive a LEED credit if the building owner is seeking LEED certification. Expertise in performing daylight analysis requires knowledge of the analysis software used, the correct material data input, and reading the lighting results. There are two key pieces to a successful analysis—understanding the building and the numbers. Brian Athey, one of Miron’s virtual construction specialists, brings his expertise by inspecting the accuracy of the built model and updating the materials with actual performance data. Chad Pingel, Miron’s sustainable services manager, knows the numbers. While Autodesk Insight 360 performs the detailed analysis, Chad is experienced in interpreting the results.

Miron Construction has a spirit of innovation, and shared knowledge of building analysis is just another way we continue to work together to create building excellence.

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