The meaning behind breaking ground

Posted on Aug 10, 2015 by Construction

Different industries celebrate success in different ways, and in the construction industry we celebrate with milestone events, such as groundbreakings, beam signings and dedications. While dedications are often beautiful events that showcase the hard work that our team has accomplished and act as the grand reveal of a completed facility to the public, there’s something really special about groundbreakings.

Despite what you might think, groundbreakings do not necessarily take place at the very beginning of a project, but rather closer to the midpoint. Prior to digging in ceremonial gold shovels, there is a flurry of activity with contracts being negotiated and signed, crews and contractors being selected and all possibilities that present themselves in the planning process being examined.

After this considerable amount of work is completed, we gather with our clients, our partners, our crew and sometimes the community to reflect on the work ahead and imagine the structure that we will one day unveil. Those ceremonial shovels are taken out and paired with shiny new hardhats; photos are taken as we dig into the earth and get ready to dig into our next project!

We love groundbreakings, and below are some photos showing what’s so special about them: the moment between planning and action where we pause to celebrate what we’ve accomplished thus far and the great work that is yet to come.





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