Working at Lambeau: Project Accountant Vicki Goss

Posted on Aug 19, 2015 by Packer Straight

We asked members of the Miron team to share their experiences of working at an iconic Wisconsin venue: Lambeau Field.

Name: Vicki Goss
Job title: Project Accountant
Duties for Lambeau Field project: Handles all accounting duties

1. Had you been to Lambeau before working on the project? What kind of feelings or memories did you associate with the venue?
I have gone to Packer games with my in-laws. The excitement of going to a game is different than going to work, but both are good.

2. If you are a Packer fan, what is your first or best Packers memory? Did you think of it while you were working on the Lambeau project?
My best Packer memory is being able to take my son to the Donald Driver retirement ceremony.

3. What were your feelings when you were hired/assigned the Lambeau project?
I was excited for the opportunity and nervous because the expectations were high. The project is extremely challenging, but so worth it.

4. Did family and friends have a reaction to you working on the project (jealous, excited, etc.)?
The reaction from family and friends was to ask if I had met Aaron Rodgers–they asked every time I saw them for the first six months I was working on the project! They were also very happy for me. There were a lot of questions on how things worked, what we were doing, if they could get a tour, how they could get tickets, if they could meet Aaron Rodgers, etc.

For the record, family: No I have not met Aaron Rodgers, no you cannot get a tour, no I cannot get you tickets, and no you cannot meet Aaron Rodgers. 🙂

5. What was the best moment working on the Lambeau project?
The best moment was the beam signing in the South End Zone. The amount of workers who attended and the time that was put into the event was amazing. The speech from Mark Murphy was truly inspirational. I will also never forget the fact that I was given the opportunity to work here. My kids can say their mom was part of this team, and it is a story they can tell their own kids someday.

6. If you return to visit Lambeau as a fan after working there, what about the venue will stand out to you?
I will probably think about the spot where the trailers stood. It has been our Miron team’s home for four years.

7. In regard to your work at Lambeau, about what are you most proud?
I am extremely proud of the relationship that has been created with the Packer organization. They are a great group of people to work with.

8. If you had to use one word to describe Lambeau Field, what would that word be?

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