Four Miron Construction employees recognized with 2023 Daily Reporter Newsmakers of the Year awards

Posted on Sep 11, 2023 by Awards

Four Miron Construction Co., Inc. employees have been named Newsmakers of the Year by The Daily Reporter. The Daily Reporter annually recognizes people, companies, or organizations that led Wisconsin’s construction and design industry in a positive direction as Newsmakers of Year. Below are excerpts from each award submission.

dailyreporternewsmakers2023 chrisEstimator of the Year – Chris Meulemans, Conceptual Estimator
Communication is imperative when it comes to working with clients, and Chris Meulemans is able to effortlessly translate construction lingo and budget information for those who may not understand that world. Chris steps up wherever he’s needed and is a team player who prioritizes clients as well as the project teams he works with. He’s always more than happy to put an idea or concept together when faced with a new problem or challenge. Chris consistently exceeds expectations while serving as a rock for project teams and clients.




dailyreporternewsmakers2023 saraSafety Professional of the Year – Sara Gorenchan, Director, Claims Management
Putting people first is at the heart of both Sara Gorenchan’s personal and professional life. Sara will always be the first to step up; whether it’s filling in for a speaker or coordinating life happenings such as gifts and cards for weddings, retirements, or bereavements, Sara is always available to lend a hand. She recognizes hard work, encourages career development, and is genuinely committed to helping teammates grow in their roles. Sara takes pride in excelling in Miron’s return-to-work program and drug testing, ensuring that issues are addressed with the utmost professionalism and care.




dailyreporternewsmakers2023 johnSuper Super of the Year – John Griffin, Project Superintendent
John Griffin is an ultimate team player who treats what he builds as his own. With an innate ability to create a community and culture of positivity, John leaves a lasting impression long after his projects have been completed. On every project site, John is known to set the standard for cleanliness and organization. His efficiency allows subcontractors to access the site easily, helping to maintain build schedules. He also ensures everyone understands individual requirements and expected outcomes. John leads with authority, building trust and respect. He holds everyone accountable while recognizing achievements.




dailyreporternewsmakers2023 danTeam Leader of the Year – Dan Schneider, Director, Information Technology
Dan Schneider’s nurturing qualities shine throughout the work hours and beyond. His colleagues speak of his personal investment in everyone on his team and his desire for their success on all levels. Dan’s strength lies in his perceptiveness and ability to communicate with all personality types. He looks beyond people’s resumes or social constructs to identify their unique skillsets and how they could fit in with his department. This has led him to create the most diverse department – in terms of age, gender, skill set and skill level – in the company. He cares about developing his team members and is very supportive of people wanting to try out whichever area they gravitate towards.



To see the full list of recipients, click here. Winners will be honored at the Newsmakers of the Year event on Oct. 19.

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