Project Overview

The Freedom Compressor Station is currently comprised of two separate plants. The goal of the multi-phase mitigation project is to support the facility’s mitigation plan with the installation of a new compressor station.

Phase I of the Freedom Compressor Station Mitigation Project involved the installation of two Neuman & Esser (NEA) compressor packages. The NEA packages were comprised of Neuman & Esser compressors powered by GE Waukesha 12V275GL + engines, totaling 7,500 horsepower. Upon completion, the Phase I project was considered a temporary station that will support the facility’s mitigation plan until the permanent station is built during Phase II, under a separate contract.

Energy Market Leader

Jason Rieth / Vice President, Energy & Environmental, Energy
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Consumers Energy




September 2016

Architect / Engineer:

Wood Group Mustang


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