Project Overview

Miron has completed several projects at the WPS Weston Generating Station. Miron was responsible for substructures, superstructures, construction of the service building, and the wastewater
treatment facility for WPS Weston 4 generating station. Over 65,000 yards of concrete were poured to complete this project including over twenty pours of 1,500 yards, and ten pours of over 2,500 yards. Superstructure work included erection of all structural steel, walls, and roofing. Miron also performed the alignment of the 515 MW turbine pedestal

The facility uses super-critical pulverized coal (SCPC) technology and consists of a single 515 MW baseload unit. Sub-bituminous coal is the principal fuel for the new unit.

In 2013, WPS began a $345 million upgrade to the emission control system on its Weston 3 generator at the Weston Generating Station near Wausau, WI. The system, called ReACT™ (Regenerative Activated Coke Technology), will reduce sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides, mercury, and other emissions from the generator’s exhaust. While this technology has been proven in applications outside the United States, the Weston 3 ReACT™ project is the first full-scale installation and operation completed nationally.

GC-1 Package
Miron was responsible for completing a number of early construction activities to ready the site for the new ReACT™ technology. Improvements included the relocation of underground utilities, haul road improvements, modifications to existing facilities, new foundations, and the installation of new truck scales.

S-15 Package
Miron was responsible for all site services, including construction power installation, sanitation facilities, snow removal, and construction parking.

GC-1A Package
Miron was responsible for the steel erection and ReACT™ outlet duct assembly, erection, and insulation in advance of the ReACT™ foundation package. This work was required to be completed early in the project due to site logistic constraints that precluded installation later in the project. Mobilization occurred in early January with the bulk of the work occurring during an unusually harsh winter. This work consisted of the erection of over 400 tons of structural steel and ductwork and utilized ground assembly to the greatest degree possible. Miron utilized crawler and mobile hydraulic cranes within our fleet to make multiple critical picks over 40 tons.

GC-2 Package
Miron was responsible for all underground piping interconnections, grounding, and reinforced concrete foundations in association with the ReACT™ project. The foundation consisted of approximately 10,000 CY placed between May and November. Several critical placements required mass concrete temperature control planning and execution. Miron utilized fleet equipment to perform multiple large placements, the largest consisting of approximately 2300 CY.

GC-3 Package
Miron was responsible for equipment installation, steel erection, inlet duct assembly and erection, process piping fabrication and erection, insulation and lagging, power distribution center installation, grounding, and instrumentation procurement and installation for the balance of the plant. This work consisted of erecting over 1,500 tons of structural steel and ductwork and utilized ground assembly to the greatest degree possible. Miron used our own crawler and mobile hydraulic cranes to make multiple critical picks over 40 tons.

Energy Market Leader

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March 2016

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