Districts around the state have relied on Miron’s experience to achieve their facilities goals with successful pre-referendum strategies. Learn how five Wisconsin school districts successfully passed their referenda in our “Referendum to Reality” video series.

School District of Black River Falls [Video]

Shelly Severson, Black River Falls District Administrator, explains how a community-wide survey and dedicated task force created ownership and transparency in the facilities-planning process. The community passed a $22.5 million referendum for construction of the new Red Creek Elementary School. Check out the project profile.

Dodgeville School District [Video]

Dodgeville District Administrator, Jeff Jacobson, explains how Dodgeville passed a $19.9 million referendum after two previously failed attempts. The high school renovations and additions brought new perspectives and opportunities for students and the community. Check out the project profile.

East Troy Community School District [Video]

East Troy District Administrator, Chris Hibner, shares how building trust, engaging the community, and creating strong partnerships were the keys to successfully passing a $22.5 million referendum in 2015, resulting in construction of the new Little Prairie Primary School. Check out the project profile.

Kewaunee School District [Video]

Kewaunee District Administrator, Karen Treml, shares the importance of nurturing relationships and creating trust throughout the pre-referendum, design, and construction processes. The District passed a $16.2 million referendum to renovate the high school and elementary school, and the result is all about Building Dreams. Check out the project profile.

School District of Florence County [Video]

The School District of Florence County faced the possibility of dissolution due to declining enrollment and budget constraints. District Administrator, Ben Neihaus, describes the journey to rebuild trust and how the community rallied to pass a $14.5 million referendum to renovate and expand the historic Florence Middle/High School. Check out the project profile.

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