Project Overview

The new greenfield manufacturing facility is part of a $500+ million expenditure to Green Bay Packaging’s operations in Green Bay. It features a 100 percent recycled paper machine and is designed to significantly increase the company’s capacity. The facility replaces an existing operation built in 1948 and is the first paper mill to be built in Wisconsin in over 35 years.

Features include:

  • Medium/Linerboard Machine
  • OCC System
  • High-Density Automated Warehouse
  • 2 (250,000 lb/hr) NG Package Boilers
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Bio Gas Generation
  • 89 MVA Substation
  • 538,493 Square Feet Building Total Footprint, with 703,954 Square Feet of Walkable Area
  • Office Complex

Green Bay Office Market Leader

John Murphy / Senior Vice President, Green Bay Operations, Green Bay Office
[email protected]


Green Bay Packaging


March 2021

Architect / Engineer:



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