Project Overview

The original plan was to renovate Jamrich Hall to provide a modern, high-quality classroom facility to support active learning and provide academic department office space within the facility close to classrooms and other departments. However, during the design process, the University concluded that greater efficiencies would be achieved through the construction of a new facility. The project ties into the University’s master plan which includes the demolition of Gries Hall. The new facility will reduce the overall net square footage on campus by 17,000 square feet, reduce construction costs by $500,000, and reduce operating costs by $100,000.

The scope of the project included the construction of a new, 3-story classroom facility with a connector walkway to the NMU Library. It contains 24 high-tech classrooms for collaborative learning including 4 lecture halls with seating for 75, 150 and 500, 2 case study rooms, and 18 active learning classrooms. Jamrich Hall also contains 106 administrative offices and support areas, 3 meeting rooms, 9 teaching assistant suites, 7 informal learning areas in the large corridor areas, 6 laboratories, and a Starbucks cafe.

Quick Facts:

  • The dots on the windows are ceramic disks inserted between panes of glass designed to filter sun and alleviate cooling costs.
  • Hallway floors are made of sanded concrete; they never need to be waxed.
  • Students can access the building schedule with their smartphones and find out what events are happening or if class has been canceled.
  • Home to five academic departments: English, criminal justice, sociology/anthropology, mathematics and computer science, and social work.

Education Market Leader

Megan Prestebak / Vice President, Education, Education
[email protected]


Northern Michigan University


133,000 SF


August 2014

Architect / Engineer:

Neumann Smith Architecture


Awarded Certified LEED Certification


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