Project Overview

This 4-story, 5-star Hotel at Kirkwood Center is the largest and most comprehensive teaching hotel at a community college in the United States. It is staffed by professional management assisted by Kirkwood students. The facility is a full-service hotel with a culinary arts facility, and provides students with state-of-the-art kitchen and hotel facilities for training in lodging management, culinary arts, and restaurant management.

The 71-room, 107,291 square-foot hotel boasts standard, deluxe, executive, and presidential suites, as well as 65 standard rooms. Facilities include a gourmet restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining areas, a 7,454 square-foot ballroom that accommodates 900 guests, classrooms, kitchens, conference rooms, and 5-star amenities.

Eco-friendly aspects of the building include geothermal ground-heat exchangers with more than 200 bored wells, “smart-control” mixing valves on high-efficiency water heaters, nine night-time “ICE KUBE” units for daytime cooling, advanced monitoring kitchen air-handling controls, and motion sensors with “dormant” modes.

Education Market Leader

Craig Uhlenbrauck / Educational Market Leader & Senior Vice President, Wausau Operations, Education
[email protected]


Kirkwood Community College


107,291 SF


July 2010

Architect / Engineer:

OPN Architects, Inc.


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