A registered apprenticeship is a high-quality career pathway with limitless potential! Apprentices earn a steady paycheck while gaining the knowledge and skills for success in the trades. Upon completion of the program, apprentices receive a nationally recognized completion certificate, which allow them to work anywhere in the U.S.

If you are interested in becoming one of the more than 1,400 skilled tradespeople who perform concrete, carpentry, masonry, precast concrete, heavy rigging, and steel erection on our projects, please email or mail your resume to:

Miron Construction Co., Inc.
Attn: Human Resources
PO Box 509
Neenah, WI 54957-0509
Earn a paycheck from day one that is guaranteed to increase over time.
Earn while you learn
Experience practical on-the-job training from a dedicated mentor.
Hands-On Learning
Receive a nationally recognized certificate and work anywhere in the U.S.
Travel Opportunities
Pave the way to a fulfilling, long-term career while making a direct impact in our communities.
Make an impact
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Each year, between 30 and 50 young adults are assigned to Miron’s four-year program, learning the trades of masonry, carpentry, ironwork, and millwright services. At the end of their paid training, they emerge as skilled professionals.

Most become full-time Miron employees, proud to count themselves among the 1,300+ skilled craftspeople on the company’s payroll. In fact, 60 percent of Miron’s craftspeople originally started in the apprenticeship program. And many of them—more than 20 in all—are the third generation of their families working for Miron. Over the years, hundreds of people have participated in the company’s apprenticeship program.

The best part of being an apprentice at Miron is coming to work and feeling safe, not only with my job but with those around me. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Considering an apprenticeship in any line of construction work is a great idea for anyone. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain; there are many options for someone who is unsure. There are many doors to open after you open the first one.

Kaleb | Mason Apprentice

The best part about being an apprentice at Miron is that all the craftspeople treat you very well, and they take into consideration that you aren’t going to know everything right away, so they are willing to work to help you learn more. People should consider apprenticeships in the construction industry because it sets you up for success. There are so many different opportunities for career paths when it comes to construction, and every day is different. Being in an apprenticeship also gives you the chance to expand your knowledge by continuously learning more and more about the trade.

Rheanna | Millwright Apprentice

The best part about being an apprentice at Miron is that I am learning something new every day by experienced professionals. Getting paid to learn and having hands-on experience really helps you grow as a person and in your career. I think someone should consider an apprenticeship in construction because it’s a job that’s always going to be there. But also, being a female in the industry, I think that it is really important for us to learn new skills that typically women don’t have a lot of experience doing. I grow and gain confidence in myself every day.

Hannah | Laborer Apprentice

From my experience, the people who are employed at Miron work with its core values in mind every day. Every employee is treated with respect and the leadership listens to everyone’s respectful opinions, which makes you feel like you are a valuable member of a team. As a veteran, I really appreciate and respect that trait. Working as an apprentice at Miron is truly enjoyable. I am also able to achieve my own personal goals of becoming a Journeyman Carpenter and learn as much as possible every day on the job.

Adrian | Carpenter Apprentice


A mason works with materials like brick, concrete block, and stone to build structures such as walls, fireplaces, patios, and walkways. They are responsible for laying out patterns, forms, or foundations according to the blueprint. They can cut materials down into various shapes/sizes as well as polish surfaces for different decorative finishes.

Education: 3-year apprenticeship program
Salary: $80,000 + union benefits

Masonry might be for you if you enjoy working outside, have strong hand-eye coordination, are good at math and geometry, or want a job that allows you to be physical.


Ironworkers are involved in erecting structures by hoisting and installing structural steel as well as precast concrete, concrete reinforcing materials, and other metals. They set up the framework of a building by positioning steel girders or other structural elements and then bolting them into place. They may also work with ornamental steel or other structural metals to create things such as railings, metal stairways, and hand rails.

Education: 4-year apprenticeship program
Salary: $83,000 + union benefits

You might enjoy a career in ironwork if you prefer variety in what you do each day, like working as part of a team, or aren’t afraid to work at high elevations.


Operating engineers are responsible for safely operating all the heavy construction equipment on a construction site, from cranes to bulldozers. They also oversee the basic maintenance and repair of this machinery. Generally, if an item can push, pull, pump, or lift; roll on tires; or crawl on tracks like a tank, it is under the authority of an operating engineer.

Education: 3-year apprenticeship program
Salary: $78,000-$94,000 + union benefits

Select this apprenticeship if you like working outdoors in all seasons, enjoy handling powerful pieces of machinery, or prefer variety in what you do each day.


Laborers are skilled workers who perform a variety of tasks at the construction site including cleaning and preparing the site, loading/unloading materials, or assembling scaffolding. They assist other trades (e.g., operators or masons) in their duties, ensure safety on the site, and implement plans to set priorities.

Education: 2-year apprenticeship program
Salary: $66,000 + union benefits

Select this apprenticeship if you like working as part of a team, enjoy a job that allows you to be physical, or prefer variety in what you do each day.


Carpentry is a skilled trade primarily focused on cutting, shaping, and installing building materials during construction. There are many crafts within this trade, including building and installing interior (doors, flooring, staircases, windows,
cabinetry, trim) and exterior (siding, trusses, roofing) items.

Education: 4-year apprenticeship program
Salary: $78,000 + union benefits

Carpentry might be for you if you like to create things with your hands, prefer a mix of working indoors and outdoors, and have a strong attention to detail.


Millwrights install, align, and disassemble industrial machines for assembly lines, steel mills, power stations, print shops, and other industries employing fixed heavy machinery. Duties may involve pipefitting (i.e., install/repair pipes), boilermaking (i.e., install/maintain boiler systems), and repairing electrical or mechanical equipment.

Education: 4-year apprenticeship program
Salary: $83,000 + union benefits

A career as a millwright might be for you if you enjoy problem-solving or completing precise activities with your hands (e.g. drilling, welding, or bolting).

Cement Finisher

Cement finishers smooth and finish freshly poured concrete. They install, maintain, and restore various structures including floors, ceilings, sidewalks, roads, and patios, as well as apply curing and surface treatments.


Education: 3-year apprenticeship program
Salary: $79,000 + union benefits

Cement finishing might be for you if you like physical work, complete tasks with precision, and enjoy working with tools and equipment.


A youth apprenticeship offers real payback from day one! Hands-on career training, education, and industry certification. Youth apprenticeship trains you for a career with high growth, great wages, and endless opportunities.

After completion of a youth apprenticeship, step into your new role as a registered apprentice! Your youth apprenticeship experience will give you a great head start, and you’ll complete your registered apprenticeship in three to five years.



Miron accepts students who have completed their junior year of high school.

On-the-job learning provides experience with the same tools, equipment, and situations as those you’ll encounter on a daily basis later in your career. Youth Apprentices spend a minimum of 450 hours (one-year apprenticeship) or 900 hours (two-year apprenticeship) training alongside, and learning from, skilled worksite mentors.

Lessons learned in the classroom are taught on the jobsite simultaneously so that Youth Apprentices can directly apply the skills they learn in real time.
Wages are earned starting day one, increasing with experience and knowledge.

Career pathways are offered in more than 55 occupations, so let us know your interests to maximize your potential!