Project Overview

Miron completed this project as a joint venture with Sandwell Engineering. This project included engineering and construction services to purchase and install a new brownstock washer system in the mill. Demolition of the existing building and equipment was completed and preparation for substructures started when soil sampling showed original piling design would not work. In order to support the foundation, pilings were increased from 6 to 58.

This project included installation of three Kvaerner brownstock washers, six process tanks, three hydraulic pumps, and one screw press. The structural steel was designed so that the washers, which arrived last at the job site, could be rigged and set in one piece. Miron was responsible for start-up and commissioning of all equipment.

Pulp & Paper Market Leader

Pate Nate / Senior Vice President, Industrial Operations, Pulp & Paper
[email protected]




October 2005

Architect / Engineer:

Sandwell Engineering


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