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Verso Corporation is a leading North American producer of printing papers, specialty papers and pulp. Miron has collaborated with the Verso organization for over 15 years on various maintenance and capital work throughout the company’s Wisconsin-based plants. This work has ranged from maintenance and capital project work on outage days for their wood yard/stock press, to work on multiple paper machines, to utilities and boiler outages. A sample of the range of projects is included below:

Wood Yard/Stock Press

  • Completed maintenance and capital project work on outage days – total of 22 outages.
  • Installed catwalks, monorails, and platforms on conveyors.
  • Modified and upgraded train car unloading system, diffusion washers, thick stock pumps, and bleach plans.
  • Repaired hardwood chipper, chip conveyors, primary hog, drag chain conveyors, hardwood stone conveyor, hardwood decker washer, diverter box, Johnson screen, bark bins, and digesters.
  • Replaced bearings on acid press.
  • Replaced trunnion bearings on wood drum.
  • Repaired concrete foundations and floors at #4 and #5 washers.
  • Completed concrete foundations and repairs to Tower Supply pump, Washer Vat dilution pump, and Cleaner supply pump.
  • Replaced concrete and repaired structural steel on De-Ice and Log Deck.

#14 Paper Machine

  • Completed maintenance and capital project work on machine outage days – 10 outages.
  • Modified felt stretch run and false ceiling.
  • Upgraded uhle box pumps and winder oscillator.
  • Installed platforms on the third press section.
  • Replaced smoothing press, size press rolls, and felt rolls.
  • Repaired and upgraded filtered water booster pump, machine chest agitators, and press section roll doctors.
  • Replaced bearings on felt rolls.
  • Changed gears on dryers.

#16 Paper Machine

  • Completed maintenance and capital project work on machine outage days –10 outages.
  • Repaired PM rope run bottom felt stretch racks and dryer doctors.
  • Repaired and upgraded gearboxes, coating pumps, and felt lube showers.
  • Replaced shoe press motors and dryer bearings.
  • Replaced size press rolls, felt rolls, suction pressure roll, suction pick-up roll, and hitch roll.
  • Replaced crane rails and overhead crane.


  • Upgraded and modified super calendars.


  • Completed maintenance and capital project work on boiler outage days –8 outages.
  • Installed upgrades to boiler overfire air fan system.
  • Performed maintenance repairs to boiler bark feed system, coal spreader, sootblowers, FD/ID fans, precipitator/economizer ash conveyors, and bucket elevators.
  • Upgraded and modified mud tank, filter plant, lime kilns, and recovery area.
  • Repaired concrete and tainter gates on Wisconsin Rapids Dam.
  • Replaced trash racks and supports on Wisconsin Rapids Dam.
  • Completed repairs to Wisconsin Rapids #6 Hydro.

Pulp & Paper Market Leader

Pate Nate / Senior Vice President, Industrial Operations, Pulp & Paper
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Verso Corporation


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