Project Overview

This project was comprised of extensive structural demolition and rebuild of the 70-year-old building while maintaining the daily operations in the Tyson plant, including:

  • Successful phasing and construction of temporary food grade partitions in order to maintain separation between construction and plant operations
  • A temporary meat rail support structure built to reroute product and avoid production impact
  • Renovation of an existing pork belly storage room to a cooler press room
  • Re-purposing of an existing bacon freezer to a pressed pork belly storage room
  • Renovation of a -20-degree finished goods freezer to a pressed palletized belly storage area and food grade -20 freezer
  • Construction of a new retail snack line and packaging room
  • New utility services including electrical, compressed air, and ammonia refrigeration to feed the new process equipment
  • Build out of an existing storage area into a smokehouse
  • Trash dock addition to reroute plant traffic for a more hygienic flow

Food & Beverage Market Leader

Logan Krueger / Vice President, Food & Beverage, Food & Beverage
[email protected]


Tyson Foods, Inc.


33,022 SF


March 2021


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